Degree data

Academic programs offered

Academic Year 2019-2020

Unique Programs* Programs & Tracks
Certificates 76 125
Associate 19 32
Baccalaureate 102 204
Master's 72
Doctoral 16 30
Juris Doctor 1 20

* Unique programs are based on CIP codes (Classification of Instructional Programs) and program level.

College and department degrees

Degrees Awarded Trend Reports display degrees awarded data, including minors, second majors, and certificates from the college level down to the program level. Approximately six weeks after commencement, this report is updated after the degree conferral process is completed.

For a variety of reasons, the Registrar may post a few awards after this process. Those ‘late’ awards are not included in this report. However, the data reported here is accurate as of the time the degree conferral process is run and therefore, used for reporting purposes.