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Retention and Graduation Rates Tuition and Fees
Placement Rate Data


These tables display a count of employees as of November 1st of each year. Counts are by campus and employee type. The Full-Time Faculty report includes counts by faculty rank.

Financial Aid

This table is a summary of the total amount of financial aid awarded by type. Categories include Federal, state, university, and external funds.

Undergraduate Student Diversity

Retention and Graduation Rates

Shows the university's retention rates for our incoming full-time freshmen. CSRDE (Consortium for Student Retention and Data Exchange) reports show graduation and retention rates for our main university population along with STEM majors.

Retention Report by FT New Freshmen Cohort
2012 Cohort(Total Cohort)
2012 Cohort(Four Year Degree Seeking Akron Campus)

Tuition and Fees

These tables provide fall term tuition comparisons for full-time undergraduate fees (Instructional and General/Other fee) for university main as well as regional campuses. Residence Hall fee comparisons for university main campuses is also available. The source for the information is Ohio Board of Regents, Fall Survey of Student Charges.

Placement Rate Data

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