Webteam and ITS Training

Website Development and Content Management

The University of Akron webteam has deployed a new content management system called dotCMS for managing website content and design. This website has information that will be helpful to you for creating your new website and using the new dotCMS Content Management System to manage it.

Before you start building your site, it will be helpful for you to do some legwork first. The links and documents provided here will help you prepare to move into the system. First read The University of Akron Web Strategy Guidelines document. Then start working on an outline of your site.

Consider spending some time reading the links in the sidebar about web navigation and writing for the web.

A graphical sitemap is a nice way to organize your navigation. However, an outline works as well.

Sample Sitemap

Important Documents


dotCMS Cheat Sheets

Don't forget to look at our growing set of dotCMS cheat sheets. They are instructions for creating your content in a way that utilizes our tools and styles.