Having trouble connecting to UA’s network?

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First things first: Are you on the right wireless network?

  1. Roo-Secure: Used by all students, faculty, and staff associated with The University of Akron. A UAnet ID and password are required. How to access.
  2. Rootown: This older wireless network has been replaced with Roo-Secure. If you see this option, choose Roo-Secure instead.

Roo-Guest: Used by visitors to the campus and those without a UAnet ID and Password. This network is designed for casual web browsing and checking emails. UAGuest does not use encryption. It is possible for someone using a wireless sniffer to see your network activity.

It is recommended you use a VPN connection once connected to the Roo-Guest network.

The Roo-Guest wireless network only allows web traffic Port 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) and IPSEC and PPTP VPN connections using standard ports. Individuals current affiliated with the University should not need to use this guest network.

For visitors: How to connect to Roo-Guest

Note: In some cases WPA2-Enterprise and/or AES may not be an option. Selecting WPA or WPA2 for Security Type and TKIP for Encryption type should work as long as the device is able to perform PEAP Authentication. Call the University's Support Desk for assistance: 330-972-6888.

Problems connecting?


Support Desk

Free and available to students, faculty and staff.

To reach UA's Support Desk:

  1. Call 330-972-6888 (hours open) or
  2. open a ticket online or
  3. send an email: supportdesk@uakron.edu

Physical location: The MediaTech Services Desk in Bierce Library (map)

Visit the Support Desk's website, with do-it-youself instructions