Breaking through the clutter -- Digital Signage

The University of Akron has implemented a digital signage system as a way to break through the clutter and inform our community. The technology allows individual colleges and departments to run their own messages. At the same time, the University at large is able to send a single message throughout the campus as needed.  

Digital signage refers to using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, and LED displays to communicate with students, faculty and staff at The University of Akron.

Four Winds Interactive

An interdisciplinary committee reviewed proposals and presentations from a number of vendors and selected Four Winds Interactive (FWi).

The initial launch will focus on non-interactive, static screens. Interactive touch screens that can be used for for way finding and other applications will be included in the future.



Project Team

Information Technology Services
• Mike Giannone
• Neal L'Amoreaux
• Brad Rice
• Eric Kreider
• Andy Lizak
• Jason Azbill

Residence Hall
• John Messina
• Michael Strong
• Aysen Ulupinar-Butzer
• Pam Perry

• Phyllis O'Connor
• Trevor Burkholder
• Stephanie Dawson

Law School
• Joshua Gross
• Chris Cochran

Student Union
• Anne Bruno
• Mike Solema
• Andrea Fertgus (GA)