Equipment Delivery

RELATEDAudio Visual Services equipment rental price sheet for when equipment is used for non-educational purposes

Please call 330-972-7811 at least 24 hours in advance to order equipment. Equipment ordered less than 24 hours before requested day and time may not be delivered due to shortage of equipment or shortage of manpower.

MMC MultiMedia cart equipped with a fixed (1024x768 resolution) LCD video projector, CD/DVD/VHS combo player, sound amplifier
PTL Video/Data projector (book for hourly usage) Deliveries only (1024 x 768 resolution)
PVP Video/Data projector (book for overnight or off-campus usage) (800 x 600 resolution)
MOC All-in-one 20” TV/VHS (book on request or for buildings w/o elevators)
VHS VHS player (does not come with TV)
CDP Compact Disc player
DVD DVD player
DVC VHS/DVD combo player
FOS Fostex amplifier speaker
SCS 6-1/2’ portable screen
SCF 8’ portable screen
SFF 10’ x 10’ Fast Fold screen (15’ high, snaps in screen, 10-15 min set up)
CAM Panasonic camcorder, one-speed 2 hour recording
CAO Camcorder with operator ONLY
TRI Tripod
MVC Digital Camera (pick up only)
WMO Wireless remote mouse for laptops (pick up only)
WPR Wireless PowerPoint remote (pick up only)
LPT Laser light pointer
CRL Large audio cassette (player only, does not record) (attaché size)
CAP Smaller audio cassette player and recorder with built-in MIC (shoebox size)
OHD Overhead transparency projector
DOC Document Camera (project hard copy images) also book ptl or pvp
16A 16mm film projector for 16mm films