Schrank Hall North 152 Testing Lab Hours:

All computer based tests are administered via walk in basis during the open lab hours until the last sign on time

Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation in Schrank North has suspended on-campus testing until further notice, in alignment with campus closure. Faculty are encouraged to contact Design and Development Services for assistance with transition to online courses. For all other questions, please email  

Last Sign On?

The last sign on time is latest time that you can begin a test. The doors to the lab will be closed at this time. The lab will remain open until every student has completed their in-progress test. You will not be able to start a new test after last sign on, even if you have already been admitted to the lab. Please note that some instructors will specify an earlier sign on time, so verify all times with your instructor.

*Note that if your test has a time limit longer that 60 minutes you must begin the test earlier than the posted last sign on time. Consult your instructor for last sign on times specific for your test if you are unsure.

Placement Test?

Visit here for placement testing center locations, instructions, and information.