Computer Based Testing Practice & Policies

Our office provides service in the design, development and deployment of online assessments, surveys. We have a dedicated proctored testing lab. To ensure reliable and secure assessments we have to practice the following guide lines below.

To administer exams for your classes at the computer based testing lab please be sure to complete this request form.

It is important for faculty utilizing Computer Based Testing to inform the office at the beginning of the semester; this will allow the office to facilitate and plan for the semester. Please read carefully:

Brightspace Assessments (formerly Springboard): must use the CBT IP address to secure the use of the SHN 152 proctored lab. All test question items, test set ups process are managed and maintained by the instructors.

Perception Assessment System: For new assessments, the CBT office requires at least one week to process.  All question items are required by the CBT office, at least one week prior to the first day of the test window. This will allow the office to ensure to avoid any errors of the quality of question items and assessment set ups. It will also give the CBT office and faculty to sample their assessments and any modifications/corrections, if required, prior to opening day of the test. Perception reports are available on Perception System Reports.

Handouts: Scratch papers, calculators and any additional handouts are to be provided by the lab. Please note students are NOT permitted to use notes, books and any other materials that are not provided by the testing lab.

Test Duration Time:  All tests must have a time limit to provide everyone fair computer seat time at the testing lab. Test time limit must be 60 min or less.

Accommodations: If any students require additional time or distract free room or a reader it is very important that the faculty provides the CBT office a copy of the accommodation letter that was verified by the university office of accessibility.  Please note if a reader is required, they are to be provided by the student disability office.

Photo Identification:  A valid recognizable UA Zip Card is REQUIRED to be able to attempt any  assessments in the proctored lab. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Extended assessments:  Perception assessment system will not be available after the Friday of finals week.

All computer based tests are done on a walk-in basis first come first serve, during open lab hours.

Assessment Scores:  To access perception system test scores please use the following site: Perception Assessment Data. Additional reports are provided by request.

Cell Phones: The use of cell phone calls and/or texting are not permitted in the lab. The instructors will be notified if their student proceed to accept or make a phone call or read/send any text messages.