Springboard is becoming Brightspace

Project Timeline & Important Dates

Timeline and Project Status




July 28, 2017 Pre-production Brightspace site created (matches current Springboard), testing Complete
August 3, 2017 Upgrade pre-production site to current version (10.7.3) Complete
August 4-23, 2017 Configuration and testing of new Brightspace site In progress
August 22, 2017 The Pre-production site migration will begin. (A beta preview is no longer available) Planned
August 24, 2017 Cutover to new site, all systems will be down on this day Planned
August 25, 2017 By mid-day, we will be using the new Brightspace version 10.7.3 Planned

Will there be an Outage?

Yes. In order to make the transition to the new system, Springboard will not be available on August 24th. The last change that can be made to Springboard will be on August 23rd. Brightspace will be operational on August 25th.

Why was this date selected?

We realize that August 24th is only a few days before the semester starts.  The crunch is caused by our academic calendar:

  • Because the resolution could not be ready for the April Board meeting, we were unable to make this change during the slower summer period. 
  • Therefore we need to wait until summer classes end to make the transition.
  • Summer grades are due on August 22nd
  • Historically, we have always allowed faculty one day grace period in case there is a question about grade calculations or any unexpected technical issues with the system. Therefore, August 23rd is the last day to make changes on the current system.
  • That’s how we ended up with August 24th as the day we will need to make the transition.