Online Learning Services

Designing and Developing an Online Course?

Designing an online course can seem daunting, but you’re not alone. Design and Development Services (DDS) can help develop a great online course that fits your unique style while staying within a template familiar to your students.

Designing a course is much like designing a house. It has to be well thought-out. You want to add curb appeal. The rooms have to flow into a seamless design. Using your syllabus as a blueprint, we can serve as your architects to help you create exactly that. 

What do we provide?

We will help build your course to your specifications. We will review your syllabus and materials to translate your course into the online environment. We can share examples to demonstrate the unique online tools that are available.

In addition, we will help you:

  • Apply sound instructional design practices that meet quality course design principles
  • Locate and/or develop interactive multimedia and custom graphics
  • Brand your course to match your program’s look and feel
  • Implement an assessment strategy that matches your desired learning outcomes
  • Set up your grade book
  • Locate or develop rubrics and link them to your specific assignments
  • Implement a strategy to engage your students with you, with each other, and with the content
  • Digitize any non-digital material
  • Work with the library to secure any copyright permissions
  • Develop content that meets ADA accessibility and web content accessibility guidelines

How do I get started?

  1. Contact Steve Kaufman at or schedule online with one of our instructional designers. We can meet in our offices in Zook Hall or online through Microsoft Teams.
  2. Send us your current syllabus so we can learn about your course.
  3. During our meeting, we will come up with an action plan that details what we need from you, and what items we will develop for your course.


A course that’s well designed is easier for your students to navigate and easier for you to teach. Depending on your content and your schedule, courses can be developed in as little as one month to as long as one semester. Together, we will create an action plan that works best for you. Your project will be tracked online so you can review our progress at any time.

Continuous Improvement

Our support does not end when the course goes live. We will check in with you to make sure that things are running as expected, and we will make any necessary tweaks. After you have taught the course online, we will meet to see if any design improvements are needed.