Panopto Focus

panopto-logoPanopto Focus is a simple solution for capturing your lectures and offering them for later viewing. Focus has the ability to capture audio, PowerPoint lectures with narration and screen captures with narration. Focus offers integrated note taking, enabling the viewer to take notes at any point in the presentation and revisit them.

Getting Started

Instructor Guides

  1. Adding Panopto to your Brightspace Course
  2. Creating a recording through Brightspace
  3. Add Panopto content to your course (Insert Stuff)

Advanced Guides


Training for Panopto Focus will be provided by Design and Development Services but you are encouraged to visit the training materials offered by Panopto.

On Campus Contact: 330-972-8290  email:

Panopto Video Tutorials:

Sample Recording

Student Feedback

    • When I am going through my notes if I have any questions or confusion I can simply listen to the lecture. The recordings are awesome and so convenient. I wish I had them for all my classes. It definitely contributes to my success as a learner because hearing a lecture more than once is very beneficial to understanding the material.
    • Refreshes my memory on the topics covered, focusing on the areas the professor deems most important.
    • These recordings are very helpful because such a large class can be very distracting and noisy. Sometimes it is just hard to focus in class.
    • I have found these recordings to be invaluable. Sometimes a concept isn't clear in class and after looking at notes and working on a problem, I will go back and listen to a section that was unclear.  There have also been occasions where I thought I heard one thing, and we have moved on to a different part of the lecture and I have gone back to relisten for clarification.

    • One advantage is being able to write down key things or examples that I didn’t understand at home. This allows me to understand the data at my pace and without distractions. This contributes greatly to my success as a learner because it allows me the ability to learn at my own speed.