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What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom web browser that works directly within Brightspace to create a more secure testing environment. The software prevents students from opening other programs, accessing other portions of the course, and opening external websites. It also disables the ability to print and copy. Any course at our institution may use LockDown Browser.

Getting Started with LockDown Browser

Before you add LockDown Browser to your course, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Include a statement in your syllabus to notify students that they will be required to use the software.
  • Provide links to resources for LockDown Browser for your students.
  • Create an ungraded practice quiz with unlimited attempts that requires Respondus LockDown Browser. This will help eliminate any technical issues when the students are ready to take an actual exam.

Once your syllabus has been updated, adding LockDown Browser support to your course is an easy 3-step process:

  1. Navigate to the LockDown Browser Dashboard, located under the Quizzes and Exams tool in Brightspace. (Show me where this is)
  2. Next, click on the dropdown menu next to the quiz you would like to set up LockDown Browser for. Select Modify Settings. (Show me where this is)
  3. Select the option that says "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam". (Show me where this is)
    • Optionally, you can check the box that requires LockDown Browser for viewing student feedback and results. You will also need to input the proctoring password as provided by Computer Based Assessment & Evaluation (CBAE).
  4. Select Save and Close. That’s it! Students would now be prompted to “Launch LockDown Browser” in order to see the “Start Quiz!” button for your quiz or exam.

For more information, watch this video on LockDown Browser.

What is Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Monitor is a virtual proctoring solution for courses that are fully online. Respondus Monitor protects the integrity of online assessments by recording the testing session for each individual student through the use of a webcam and microphone. Using Monitor also requires students to use Respondus LockDown Browser.

Why Would You Use Respondus Monitor?

  • It allows online assessments to be taken in convenient locations for students.
  • It allows for openness in assessment and discourages dishonesty.
  • It integrates with Brightspace.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Instructors can review student assessments quickly.
  • Students appreciate the fairness of a level playing field.

Watch a quick video explaining Respondus Monitor from the student’s perspective.

Getting Started with LockDown Browser & Monitor

If you plan to use Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor in your course, we recommend taking these steps:

  • Please note that Respondus Monitor is only available for use with courses that are taught fully online.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software. If you would like to try taking an exam as a student, request access through:
  • Include a statement in your syllabus to notify students that they will be required to use the software.
  • Provide links to resources for LockDown Browser and Monitor for your students.
  • Create an ungraded practice quiz with unlimited attempts that requires Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor. This will help eliminate any technical issues when the students are ready to take an actual exam.

Once you're ready to implement LockDown Browser into your course, send an email to with the full course number and term information for the course(s) you want to use Monitor with. The course information should be in college_course_section_term format (e.g. 7100_282_800_4171 or 7800_7900_274_001_4177). We recommend copying the course number from the "Need Help" widget located on your course homepage.

After your request has been received, you will be sent detailed instructions on implementing Monitor and setting the necessary proctoring passwords.

Common issues with Respondus LockDown Browser/ Monitor

On occasion, we have seen the following problems with Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor. Here are some quick fixes that can help:

  1. Respondus LockDown Browser will not load until I "Kill these Applications". This means that you have some software running on your computer that is not permitted during the exam. For example, anything that would allow you to communicate to outside individuals like Skype, FaceTime, Instant Messenger, etc… In addition, you are not permitted to have software that can capture the screen, like Skitch, Quicktime, Jing, etc… If you choose “Kill These Applications” and it still fails to load LockDown Browser, just exit the browser and make sure these applications have been closed completely before reattempting to access the quiz or exam.
  2. Webcam is not being detected. Sometimes this happens when your computer’s webcam tries to activate. If you see this message, click the “Try Again” button, or the Green Refresh/Reload button in the top left navigation. If your webcam is installed/plugged in properly. (Show me where this is)
  3. I’m stuck on the Student Photo / Student ID / Environment Check step. Sometimes the webcam will not reload properly after you’ve taken your student photo, student ID photo, or environment. To remedy this, click on the green Refresh/Reload button in the top left navigation. This should force the webcam to reactivate. (Show me where this is)
  4. I am receiving an error that says I am not permitted to view the exam. This error will appear if your instructor has set an IP Address restriction. This is used by instructors to ensure that quizzes and exams are only available at certain locations, for example, a proctored testing center or a specific classroom on campus. Make sure you review your instructions from your instructor / check the syllabus to see if there is a limitation on where you must take the quiz or exam.
  5. I’m on the quiz, but it looks like my screen is frozen. (or it froze when I tried to submit my exam) First, don’t panic. It may be that your internet connection has not been consistent, and your computer is trying to re-establish its connection. Give the computer a minute or two to finish loading. If it does not appear to be making any progress on moving to the next screen / submitting the exam, please quit the LockDown Browser and attempt to relaunch the quiz. The quiz will allow you to resume from your last saved answer. (Remember to SAVE YOUR ANSWERS AS YOU GO!) Understand that logging back into the quiz takes time, and the timer for the quiz or exam is still running, so make sure you attempt to log back in as quickly as possible. To avoid this issue from occurring, it is ALWAYS a good idea to have a wired internet connection instead of wireless. If that’s not an option, then make sure you have a strong wireless connection. Yes, roommates who are downloading something or streaming video can slow your internet connection considerably. It is your responsibility to ensure to that you have a stable internet connection before attempting a quiz or exam.

How to run the System Check and Report an Issue to Respondus

For this report you must use the same computer that was used to take the exam in question.

  1. Start LockDown Browser.
  2. Log into Brightspace and then navigate to your course.
  3. Click on the "Help Center" button in the LockDown Browser toolbar. (Show me where this is)
  4. Run the "System & Network Check." (Show me where this is)
  5. After the system check, select "Report an Issue." (Show me where this is)
  6. In the "Report an Issue" form, be sure to include your name and email address. (Show me where this is)

Helpdesk Login & Knowledge Base for Respondus:

How Can You Get Help?

Contact Brightspace Help for support with Respondus Monitor (