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Online Course Evaluations at The University of Akron

Online Course Evaluations

What are they and why are they used?

Here at the University of Akron, Departments, Colleges, or Schools have the ability to administer their course evaluations online. There are numerous advantages to conducting course evaluations in an online environment:

  • Eliminates the cost of bubble “Scantron” sheets.
  • Reduces time spent on creating the course evaluation packets for distribution.
  • Qualitative data (comments) are available immediately after grades are posted.
  • Quantitative data (likert scale data) is currently processed the same way as traditional evaluations.
  • Evaluations are available 24/7 anywhere you or a student has an internet connection.
  • Effective April 2014, online evaluations are available to students using their iOS or Android mobile devices.
  • Availability for completion of the evaluation is set by the Department, College, or School and can be set on an individual course basis.
  • Instructors can log in at any time to see how many students have completed the course evaluation thus far while maintaining anonymity for students.
  • Course evaluations can be integrated into Springboard and be utilized in the delivery of content (i.e. requiring students to click on the evaluation in order to release another piece of content).
    Note: Per University policy, students may elect NOT to take your course evaluation.
  • Instructors that are co-teaching can have independent course evaluations delivered to the students.

Who sets them up?

The Design and Development Services team oversees requests to set up online course evaluations. These requests are often generated at the College, School, or Department level. Faculty members rarely request an online course evaluation to be set up specifically for them. If you’re not sure if you have an online course evaluations, please contact your department’s administrative assistant.

How are they administered?

1. As a faculty member, you can visit:

2. You will be required to authenticate using your UA credentials.

Online Course Evaluations

3. Once logged in, you will see a listing of courses that you are currently teaching that have evaluations setup online.

Online Course Evaluations

4. You will be able to see what the date ranges are for your individual course evaluations, whether or not it is currently open for students to complete, and when to expect any qualitative data report to be available.
Note: Evaluation data are only viewable AFTER final grades have been submitted.

5. From the student’s point of view, when they log into the course evaluation system, they will see a listing of their courses that have online evaluations available to complete. A student only needs to click on their course to start completing the evaluation.

Online Course Evaluations

6. Once they have clicked on a course, the evaluation will appear. Students must complete the evaluation and will not be able to change any of their responses once it has been submitted. Evaluations can only be completed once per course.

7. Students receive a verification that the course evaluation has been completed as it will appear under the list of Completed Evaluations.

Online Course Evaluations

Interested? Who do I contact?

You can email to get started, or, contact your department’s administrative assistant. Demonstrations are available upon request.

Best Practices for Success:

          1. It is crucial for administrative assistants to be proactive about monitoring completion rates during the open evaluation period. Administrative assistants can email instructors to remind them to encourage their students to participate.
          2. Providing advertisements within the building is a great way to remind students that they have the option to complete the course evaluations online.
          3. Mass emails reminding students to complete evaluations encourages a high response rate.
          4. Integrating course evaluations into Springboard can encourage students to access the evaluation in order to progress through the course content.
          5. The process overall is quite simple, the key to success is communication.

Students are provided with a privacy statement:

The Course Evaluation System has been designed by the The University of Akron's Design and Development Services department. We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide will be anonymous and remain confidential in accordance with appropriate federal, state, and local laws. The system is maintained and resides within a secure area at the Computer Center, with system level access available only to Design and Development Services.

How can you be sure that your privacy is safe?

      • Login is required only to validate that you are registered for the course(s) for which you are providing feedback.
      • Your login information is not linked in any way to the feedback data.
      • You can be assured that the information you submit is completely anonymous.
      • The information you submit through the online process is more secure than if you had submitted it through standard paper means.
      • Log files are limited to keeping only the data necessary to maintain the system and to detect errors within the site.