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Sample Syllabus Template

Developing an online course requires extensive planning. Your syllabus is one of the critical components of your course. In Online Learning Services, we like to consider your syllabus as the “blueprint” for how your course is constructed. This involves creating the structure and alignment that is fundamental to great course design, and requires consideration of some key questions:

  • Are the learning objectives measurable, and do they clearly align to each topic covered in the course?
  • How do you define class participation?
  • What are your communication preferences and expectations?
  • Have you provided some “netiquette” guidelines on how to communicate online?
  • Are all materials required, or are some optional?
  • Are you available virtually via Microsoft Teams?
  • Do you have strategies for encouraging engagement and active learning online?
  • Is there an electronic version of the textbook?
  • Will you require learners to access to a separate publisher web site?
  • How are your class materials accessible for learners that require special accommodation?
  • How often must learners “check-in” to your online course?
  • Are there detailed instructions on how learners will be assessed? (i.e. rubrics, grading policies, final grade breakdown)
  • Will you require exams to be proctored, and if so, do you offer face-to-face and online proctoring?

Download the Syllabus Template

Online Learning Services has created a sample syllabus template that you are free to download, edit, remix, and change based on your needs. We have included standard policies regarding academic integrity, plagiarism, withdrawals, attendance, technical support, and accessibility. This template is intended for online courses specifically, however there are many useful pieces that can be incorporated into a hybrid or face-to-face syllabus.

Download the Sample Syllabus Template here [doc]

If you have any questions regarding this template, please feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our instructional designers.

Looking for Brightspace Course Templates?

In addition to the sample syllabus, OLS creates course templates that you can use when starting to develop a course. These templates help speed up course development and help your course meet accessibility standards.