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Learning Outcome Development and Evaluation

Welcome - this site is designed to help you develop learning outcomes, associated assessments and rubrics necessary for academic review of programs. There are supporting rubrics, templates and webinars on this site. They are designed to help you produce a high-quality program as efficiently as possible.

As a reminder, we are engaging in this on-going process both because it is standard curricular practice and to respond to our accreditation agency's finding that we need to

"...assure that graduate and undergraduate academic majors and the general education program have assessment processes in place that include (a) the skills and concepts mastered, (b) the assessment measures employed, and (c) the analysis and use of results to improve academic programs."

How will my learning outcomes be evaluated?

Download the Learning Outcome Evaluation Rubric.

Not sure how to develop learning outcomes?

Watch the Learning Outcomes Webinar (12 mins)

How will my assessments and rubrics be evaluated?

Download the Assessment Rubric and the Rubric Development Rubric.

Not sure how to develop assessments or rubrics?

Watch the Assessments and Rubrics Webinar (12 mins)

Is there a prescribed format for submitting these materials for review?

Download the Blank Template and the Example Template.

How do I report my program assessment outcome results?

Download the Blank Template and the Example Report.


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