APPQMR Completers

Congratulations to the individuals who completed nationally-recognized training workshops offered by Quality Matters.

Graduates of QM's "Applying the QM Rubric"

Art David Szalay dms@uakron.edu
A&S (Communication) Andrea Ferraro amf35@uakron.edu
A&S (Communication) Dudley Turner barlow@uakron.edu
A&S (Computer Science) Walter Pechenuk wp4@uakron.edu
A&S (English) Jeanne Cross jac1@uakron.edu
A&S (Mathematics) Esther Wain-Weiss erw3@uakron.edu
A&S (Modern Languages) Deborah Monroy dmonroy.monroy@zips.uakron.edu
A&S (Modern Languages) Elizabeth Hall eh30@uakron.edu
A&S (Dean's Office) Bill Lyons wtlyons@uakron.edu
A&S (Geology and Env Science) David Steer steer@uakron.edu
A&S (Geosciences) Meera Chatterjee meera@uakron.edu
A&S (History) Rosemarie Eichler rteichl@uakron.edu
Applications Systems Services Susan Rzyczycki rzyczys@uakron.edu
Biology Hazel Barton bartonh@uakron.edu
Business Technology R. Joseph Wagner rwagner@uakron.edu
Computer Center Dean Shultz rds@uakron.edu
Developmental Programs Janet Thompson jet1@uakron.edu
Education Stacey Buser buser@uakron.edu
Education Sid Chhawchharia sc63@uakron.edu
Education Qetler Jensrud qetler@uakron.edu
Education Megan King megan26@zips.uakron.edu
Education Huey-li Li hl1@uakron.edu
Education Susan Olson solson@uakron.edu
Education I-Chun Tsai tsai1@uakron.edu
Education Cheryl Ward cward@uakron.edu
Education Theresa Duncko tduncko@uakron.edu
Education Karen Plaster kbp9@uakron.edu
Education Betty Rogge brogge@uakron.edu
Education James Sekerak jks44@uakron.edu
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Lena Darwich lena@uakron.edu
Family and Consumer Sciences Baomei Zhao bzhao1@uakron.edu
Family and Consumer Sciences Naomi White naomi1@uakron.edu
Finance Harri Ramcharran ramchar@uakron.edu
Instructional Services Wendy Lampner wjl3@uakron.edu
Instructional Services Jill Phipps phipps@uakron.edu
Instructional Services Litsa Varonis varonis@uakron.edu
Instructional Services Jamie Newhall jnewhal@uakron.edu
Instructional Services Gabor Smith gds4@uakron.edu
Instructional Services Steve Kaufman skaufman@uakron.edu
Instructional Technology Nick Martin ndm3@zip.uakron.edu
Law Misty Franklin misty@uakron.edu
Modern Languages Matt Wyszynski wyszyns@uakron.edu
Nursing Sheau-Huey Chiu schiu@uakron.edu
Nursing Jillian Jevack jmh26@uakron.edu
Nursing Jacqueline Guhde guhde@uakron.edu
Nursing Patricia Purcell pp21@uakron.edu
Nursing Michele Enlow menlow@uakron.edu
Nursing Kathleen Ross-Alaolmolki kr1@uakron.edu
Nursing Marlene Huff mhuff@uakron.edu
Nursing Michelle Dumpe mdumpe@uakron.edu
Nursing Pamela Bonnett bonnett@uakron.edu
Nutrition & Dietetics Pei-Yang Liu liu4@uakron.edu
Polymer Dean's Office Mohamed Hassan mkh7@uakron.edu
Public Service Tech Jill Dickie jdickie@uakron.edu
Public Service Tech Patricia Millhoff millhof@uakron.edu
Social Work Maria Spence mas173@uakron.edu
Social Work Becky Thomas bthomas@uakron.edu
Sociology Monica Merrill monica.m.merrill@gmail.com
Summit Marcia Belcher mcbelch@uakron.edu
Summit John Boal john41@uakron.edu
Summit Michael Johanyak mfjohan@uakron.edu
Summit Mary Williams mbw1@uakron.edu
Summit Kristine Kraft knk@uakron.edu
Summit Stacy Willett smuffet@uakron.edu
UA Adult Focus Charlene Kemp-Queener ck15@uakron.edu
Wayne Lori Brinker brinker@uakron.edu
Wayne Christine Dreher cdc@uakron.edu
Wayne Maureen Lerch mlerch@uakron.edu
Wayne Candice Osterfeld caoster@uakron.edu
Wayne Colleen Teague teague@uakron.edu
Nicole Bagett nlb11@zips.uakron.edu
Andrea Franklin amf15@zips.uakron.edu

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