Quality Matters in Online Design Workshop

Congratulations to our colleagues who completed the University of Akron online professional development program called Quality Matters in Online Course Design.  This program, offered internally at UA, helps you develop your course or training for online delivery. If you are interested in enrolling in a future cohort, contact Jill Phipps in Design & Development Services.

Graduates of UA's "Quality Matters in Online Course Design"
Admissions Patricia Robinson par@uakron.edu 12
Application System Services Susan Rzyczycki rzyczys@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (Anthropology & Classical St) Isa Rodriguez-Soto irodriguezsoto@uakron.edu 26
Arts and Sciences (Biology) Hazel Barton bartonh@uakron.edu 6
Arts and Sciences (Biology) Richard Londraville rlondra@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (Biology) Jennifer Cooper jlc154@uakron.edu 21
Arts and Sciences (Chemistry) Nathaniel Beres nrb17@uakron.edu 7
Arts and Sciences (Chemistry) Thomas Leeper tleeper@uakron.edu 22
Arts and Sciences (Chemistry) Sarah Robinson smr136@uakron.edu 27
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Heather Walter hlrosen@uakron.edu 4
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Dudley Turner barlow@uakron.edu 6
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Joan DiLillo jrd5@uakron.edu 13
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Sylvia White sylvia@uakron.edu 14
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Young Lin ylin1@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Kathleen Stansberry kstansberry@uakron.edu 18
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Tina Murray tmm86@zips.uakron.edu 20
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Carrie Tomko cat22@uakron.edu 20
Arts and Sciences (Communication) Andrea Ferraro amf35@uakron.edu 23
Arts and Sciences (Computer Science) Willis Crissey wcrisseyjr@uakron.edu 26
Arts and Sciences (Dean's Office) Bill Lyons wtlyons@uakron.edu 3
Arts and Sciences (Economics) Francesco Renna frenna@uakron.edu 20
Arts and Sciences (English) Lauren Garcia-DuPlain llg8@uakron.edu 5
Arts and Sciences (English) Alissa Danckaert-Skovira alissa@uakron.edu 5
Arts and Sciences (English) Heather Braun hbraun@uakron.edu 27
Arts and Sciences (GA Sociology) Monica Oliva mmo12@uakron.edu 12
Arts and Sciences (Geology and Envir. Science) David Steer steer@uakron.edu 1
Arts and Sciences (Geology and Envir. Science) Meera Chatterjee meera@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (History) Rosemarie Eichler rteichl@uakron.edu 12
Arts and Sciences (History) Martin Wainwright amartin@uakron.edu 16
Arts and Sciences (Mathematics) Esther Wain-Weiss erw3@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (Mathematics) Ellen Stevenson ess2@uakron.edu 21
Arts and Sciences (Modern Languages) Matthew Wyszynski wyszynski@uakron.edu 13
Arts and Sciences (Modern Languages) Deborah Monroy dm107@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (Modern Languages) Elizabeth Hall eh30@uakron.edu 16
Arts and Sciences (Modern Languages) Eihab Abousena eta1@uakron.edu 26
Arts and Sciences (Music) Brooks Toliver brooks2@uakron.edu 19
Arts and Sciences (Music) Ann Usher ausher@uakron.edu 19
Arts and Sciences (Philosophy) Christopher Buford cb72@uakron.edu 3
Arts and Sciences (Philosophy) Eric Sotnak sotnak@uakron.edu 19
Arts and Sciences (Political Science) Nancy Marion nmarion@uakron.edu 19
Arts and Sciences (Psychology) Cathy Faye cfaye@uakron.edu 1
Arts and Sciences (Psychology) David Baker bakerd@uakron.edu 4
Arts and Sciences (Public Admin & Urban Studies) Hope Moore hmm30@uakron.edu 18
Arts and Sciences (Public Admin & Urban Studies) Deborah Wallace dmw68@zips.uakron.edu 20
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Stacey Nofziger sn18@uakron.edu 9
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Rachel Schneider raz3@uakron.edu 15
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Matt Lee mlee2@uakron.edu 17
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Kathy Feltey felteyk@uakron.edu 17
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Kristin Santos kls179@uakron.edu 17
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Rebecca Erickson rericks@uakron.edu 17
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Emily Asencio eka10@uakron.edu 17
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Adrianne Frech afrech@uakron.edu 19
Arts and Sciences (Sociology) Janette Dill jdill@uakron.edu 21
Arts and Sciences (Statistics) Allison Darcy acd12@uakron.edu 7
Arts and Sciences (Statistics) Douglas Ruvolo druvolo@uakron.edu 7
Arts and Sciences (Women's Studies) Rosa Githiora rmg25@uakron.edu 9
Arts and Sciences (Women's Studies) Kameka Fullwood kjf1@uakron.edu 13
Business (Finance) Jeffrey Steiner js141@uakron.edu 4
Business (Finance) Harri Ramcharran hramcharran@uakron.edu 24
Business (Management) David Meyer dmeyer@uakron.edu 4
Business (Management) Sheri Schulte sbs@uakron.edu 6
Business (Management) Mahesh Srinivasan ms128@uakron.edu 15
Business (Management) Erin Makarius makarius@uakron.edu 26
Business (Management) Bethany Lanese bgl4@uakron.edu 27
Business Technology Georgia Pinis gp8@uakron.edu 18
CAST (Allied Health Tech) Kristine Kraft knk@uakron.edu 8
CAST (Allied Health Tech) Marcy Pardee mpardee@uakron.edu 19
CAST (Allied Health) Sherry Gamble slg@uakron.edu 10
CAST (Allied Health) Richelle Laipply laipply@uakron.edu 15
CAST (Allied Health) Marc Haas marc10@uakron.edu 22
CAST (Allied Health) Penelope Pinkston penelo1@uakron.edu 23
CAST (Associate Studies) Michael Johanyak mfjohan@uakron.edu 1
CAST (Associate Studies) Kathryn Cerrone kc24@uakron.edu 4
CAST (Associate Studies) Michelle Byrne mwb@uakron.edu 20
CAST (Business Tech) Mary Williams mbw1@uakron.edu 8
CAST (Business Tech) John Nicholas jn@uakron.edu 11
CAST (Business Tech) Diane Merrall dmm78@uakron.edu 19
CAST (Dean's Office) Sandie Crawford sandiec@uakron.edu 25
CAST (Developmental Programs) Lynn McKnight lynn12@uakron.edu 3
CAST (Developmental Programs) Janet Thompson jet1@uakron.edu 23
CAST (Eng & Sci Tech) Daniel Kandray kandray@uakron.edu 4
CAST (Eng & Sci Tech) Susan Ramlo sramlo@uakron.edu 5
CAST (Eng & Sci Tech) Tamera Sulak sulak@uakron.edu 12
CAST (Eng & Sci Tech) Sharon Stefanovic srs31@uakron.edu 13
CAST (Eng & Sci Tech) Gary Schuller gas1@uakron.edu 15
CAST (Engineering and Science Tech) Lori Kraft lkraft@uakron.edu 18
CAST (Engineering and Science Tech) Marcia Belcher mcbelch@uakron.edu 22
CAST (Engineering and Science Tech) Lynn Rossmeissl lmr73@uakron.edu 23
CAST (Public Service Tech) John Boal john41@uakron.edu 1
CAST (Public Service Tech) Patricia Millhoff millhof@uakron.edu 18
CAST (Public Service Tech) Stacy Willett smuffet@uakron.edu 19
CAST (Public Service Tech) Jill Dickie jdickie@uakron.edu 20
CAST (Public Service Tech) Robert Schwartz rms73@uakron.edu 23
CAST (Public Services Tech) Sabine Gerhardt sef2@uakron.edu 8
CAST (UA Adult Focus) Charlene Kemp-Queener ck15@uakron.edu 9
Education Nicole Badgett nlb11@zips.uakron.edu 14
Education Lisa Temsey lmt43@zips.uakron.edu 14
Education Kelly Chaff klchaff@zips.uakron.edu 15
Education (Counseling) Robert Schwartz rcs@uakron.edu 2
Education (Counseling) Ingrid Weigold weigold@uakron.edu 6
Education (Curr & Inst Studies) Karen Plaster kbp9@uakron.edu 7
Education (Dean's Office) Barbara Baltrinic bbaltri@uakron.edu 3
Education (Dean's Office) Tim Sisson tls48@uakron.edu 3
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Kristin Koskey koskey@uakron.edu 2
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Huey-Li Li hl1@uakron.edu 3
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) James Sekerak jks44@uakron.edu 3
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Lena Darwich lena@uakron.edu 4
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Kristen Chorba kc79@uakron.edu 6
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Janet Keyser jkeyser@uakron.edu 7
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Jane Beese jab128@uakron.edu 9
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) I-Chun Tsai tsai1@uakron.edu 11
Education (Ed Fndns & Leadership) Wondimu Ahmed wahmed@uakron.edu 24
Education (Sports Sci & Wellness) Stacey Buser sbuser@uakron.edu 1
Education (Sports Sci & Wellness) Judith Juvancic-Heltzel jaj52@uakron.edu 1
Education (Sports Sci & Wellness) Laura Richardson laura2@uakron.edu 1
Engineering Walter Pechenuk wp4@uakron.edu 20
Engineering Kenneth Batcher batcher@uakron.edu 21
Engineering David Roke roke@uakron.edu 21
Engineering Graham Kelly sgraham@uakron.edu 24
Engineering (Dean's Office) Julie Yuhua Zhao zhao1@uakron.edu 7
Health Professions (Nursing) Tracy Riley triley@uakron.edu 4
Health Professions (Nursing) Michele Enlow menlow@uakron.edu 5
Health Professions (Nursing) Jillian Jevack jmh26@uakron.edu 5
Health Professions (Nursing) Carolyn Murrock cjm4@uakron.edu 5
Health Professions (Nursing) Marlene Huff mhuff@uakron.edu 6
Health Professions (Nursing) jacqueline Guhde guhde@uakron.edu 7
Health Professions (Nursing) Marie Bright Cobb ange19@uakron.edu 13
Health Professions (Nursing) Pamela Bonnett bonnett@uakron.edu 23
Health Professions (Nursing) Michele Enlow menlow@uakron.edu 25
Health Professions (Nutrition & Dietetics) Pei-Yang Liu liu4@uakron.edu 10
Health Professions (Nutrition & Dietetics) Kathy Schupp kschupp@uakron.edu 15
Health Professions (Nutrition & Dietetics) Jennifer Warren jlw28@uakron.edu 21
Health Professions (Nutrition & Dietetics) Joya Hart jhart@uakron.edu 23
Health Professions (Nutrition & Dietetics) Kimberly Hoffman khh5@uakron.edu 26
Health Professions (Social Work) Baomei Zhao bzhao1@uakron.edu 2
Health Professions (Social Work) Naomi White naomi1@uakron.edu 4
Health Professions (Social Work) Becky Thomas bthomas@uakron.edu 15
Health Professions (Social Work) Ronald Davis red11@uakron.edu 20
Health Professions (Speech-Lang Path & Audiology) Charles Carlin carlin@uakron.edu 22
Health Professions (Speech-Lang Path & Audiology) Scott Palasik spalasik@uakron.edu 23
Health Professions (Speech-Lang Path & Audiology) James Steiger steiger@uakron.edu 24
Health Professions (Speech-Lang Path & Audiology) Katie Boarman longfie@uakron.edu 25
Health Professions (Speech-Lang Path & Audiology) Jennifer Visker jnv5@uakron.edu 26
Information Technology Services (ITS) Holly Mothes hm1@uakron.edu 27
Instructional Services Jill Phipps phipps@zips.uakron.edu 21
Instructional Services Maria Felicelli mfelicelli@uakron.edu 23
Instructional Services Christopher Harrigan charrig@uakron.edu 26
Law William Jordan jordan@uakron.edu 6
Law (Dean's Office) Misty Franklin misty@uakron.edu 24
Law Patrick H Gaughan pgaughan@uakron.edu 26
Polymer Dean's Office Mohamed Hassan mkh7@uakron.edu 21
Software Trng & Tech Services R. Dean Shultz rds@uakron.edu 2
UA Libraries (Research and Learning Services) Sharalyn Laster laster@uakron.edu 9
UA Libraries (Research and Learning Services) Beate Gersch bgersch@uakron.edu 25
UA Libraries (Science & Technology) Tammy Stitz tstitz@uakron.edu 25
Wayne (Business & Office Tech.) Joyce Juersivich joyce4@uakron.edu 20
Wayne (Business & Office Tech) Lori Brinker brinker@uakron.edu  23
Wayne (Chemistry) Lauren Playl lplayl@uakron.edu 16
Wayne (Developmental Programs) Chris Dreher cdc@uakron.edu 23
Wayne (Educational Foundations) Shawn Watters sw94@uakron.edu 23
Wayne (Family & Consumer Sci.)  Sharon Swan sswan@uakron.edu 26
Wayne (History) Kathleen Hardy kmh4@uakron.edu 16
Wayne (Library Administration) Maureen Lerch mlerch@uakron.edu 20
Wayne (Philosophy) Dimitria Gatzia dg29@uakron.edu 23
Wayne (Speech & Theater Arts) Amber Ferris aferris@uakron.edu 23
Wayne (Workforce Dev. & Cont Ed.) Betty Rogge brogge@uakron.edu 20