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About the Online Video Encoder

The online video encoder is a service for University of Akron faculty, staff and students. It allows you to upload almost any video file under 1 GB to be encoded and streamed from a dedicated video server. Encoded videos can be added to Springboard courses, submitted to the Springboard Dropbox and, added to a dotCMS page.

Encoded videos will be streamed from a dedicated video server resulting in:

  1. Improved performance of the Springboard and dotCMS systems.
  2. Improved quality of service for the end user
  3. Greater protection for your content from being downloaded and illegally copied.

Supported Media

The encoder will accept files up to 1 GB in size. The server accepts most popular video formats, including:

  • MPEG 4
  • h.264
  • Quicktime (MOV)
  • Windows Media
  • AVI
  • MP3

If your file is larger than 1 GB or, you have a format that is not supported, contact the IT Help Desk at 330.972.6888 or

Other restrictions

Users may only upload and encode one video at a time. If you upload a video that has the same name as a video previously uploaded, the new video will replace the old one.

Read the complete terms of use.


For problems with the service, contact the IT Help Desk at 330.972.6888 or