Photographic Services

We provide photographic services to UA faculty and staff. Through images, we can enhance the learning experience, highlight campus life, and promote The University of Akron by telling our story. DDS photographic services include:

  • Location and event photography
  • High quality, high resolution digital images
  • Photo editing and conversion
  • Scanning of print media, slides, and other transparencies (subject to intellectual property and copyright laws)
  • Assistance with the creation of presentations using digital media

Please review our policies regarding photographic services

To help ensure that we will be available to meet your request, please schedule at least two weeks in advance. We schedule on a first come first served basis.

Please ensure that you have the proper release form (below) to display images of individuals online.

Sample Galleries

Release Forms

Any individual playing a prominent role in a videotape or audio tape must sign a model release. This includes any guest lecturer, speaker, panel member or performer who IS NOT an employee of the University of Akron. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign a model release stating they are aware of, and approve of, the videotaping of their child by the University. As a courtesy, always inform your guest speakers that you intend to videotape them. Many speakers cannot, or do not, wish to be videotaped, audio taped or photographed.