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Design & Development Services provides support for Springboard!. Visit the Springboard page for more information.

Panopto Focus

Panopto Focus is a software-based presentation capture system that allows instructors or presenters to use their own laptops to record any content displayed on screen as well as audio and video. When the instructor publishes the materials after class to a website, students can review all published materials online and download the lecture audio in .mp3 format. Students can take text notes during or after class that are then time-synced with the recorded session. They can then search their notes and go directly to the portions of the presentation that they need to review. In addition, Panopto Focus recognizes text from PowerPoint presentations and makes it searchable. Because Focus is software-based rather than hardware-based, instructors are not tied to teaching in a particular classroom and can record materials from their office, home or other location.

View the DDS Focus page to learn more about how to use Focus.


"Clickers" enable more interaction between students and faculty in classroom learning situations. Clickers are keypads which wirelessly transmit student input to a receiver connected to a computer used by an instructor. Typically, instructors use this response system to present questions interspersed throughout a presentation, receiving immediate feedback about student skills and knowledge. Clickers may also be used for attendance, quizzes, group activities, and more.

View the DDS Clicker page to learn more about how to use Clickers.