Audience Response Systems (“Clickers”)

UA faculty comments about clicker use:

  • I have had several students comment that they thoroughly enjoyed the lectures with the clickers. I plan on using them in all classes.
  • Very helpful in large sections in determining student understanding and increasing attendance.
  • In this majors course I can be more certain that the students understand critical concepts.

UA student comments about clicker use:

  • Can still answer questions wrong without being embarrassed.
  • The clicker forced me to go to class and pay attention in class because I never knew what question would be asked on the material we had learned.
  • It allows the instructor to understand how much the class knows in a matter of seconds, so the instructor can focus on the material that is not fully understood and skim the material the majority of the class understands.
  • It encouraged student discussions.
  • It is a fun, interactive way to learn.
  • I appreciate the ability to see where I am and what my weaknesses are.
  • It allowed the whole class to answer questions and therefore the teacher could see if we were not understanding the material as a whole. Then if we weren’t he would explain it better. So I think it helped a lot because people don’t normally want to speak.