Design and Development Services

Video Production

Video ProductionVideo can be produced for instructional lessons, special events, and multimedia projects. Design & Development Services staff can be contracted to coordinate the entire production process, including idea conceptualization, scripting, production and post-production. DDS videographers provide:

  • On-location video production services
  • Post-production video editing

DDS videographers work with each client to develop concepts, timelines, budgets and delivery methods. For complex projects, the producer also works with designers, and writers to take each project from conception to completion.

Our staff can help you decide:

  • if video is the best option for achieving your goal;
  • if there are copyright concerns;
  • if video production services will be required;
  • if video editing services will be required; and
  • the best method for delivering the video, depending on the video file size and your audience.

Please review our policies regarding video services

Panopto, our lecture capture system integrated with Brightspace, is often a better solution to recording video. 

To help ensure that we will be available to meet your request, please schedule at least two weeks in advance. We schedule on a first come first served basis.

Please ensure that you have the proper release form (below) to display images of individuals online.

Release Forms

Any individual playing a prominent role in a videotape or audio tape must sign a model release. This includes any guest lecturer, speaker, panel member or performer who IS NOT an employee of the University of Akron. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian is required to sign a model release stating they are aware of, and approve of, the videotaping of their child by the University. As a courtesy, always inform your guest speakers that you intend to videotape them. Many speakers cannot, or do not, wish to be videotaped, audio taped or photographed.

Sample Videos