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Springboard v. 10.6 Upgrade

Springboard v.10.6 Upgrade

Springboard will be updated to the latest version of the Brightspace learning environment (version 10.6) on July 25th beginning at 12:15 am (just after midnight on July 24th). Version 10.6 brings a new design and a number of new features to Springboard. This page will keep you abreast of all of the features and implementation details. More detailed information will also be posted on the DDS blog

Springboard v.10.6 Quick-Start Guides

v.10.6 Frequently Asked Questions

When will the upgrade take place?

The upgrade will occur on July 25th, 2016, beginning at 12:15 am (just after midnight on July 24th). This date will provide time before the Fall semester begins to learn about and begin using new features. It will also save you time since many course setup tasks have been streamlined in the new release. Existing summer courses will continue to work as currently designed. You will notice minor changes to the look and feel of some tools as well as new options, but you will not be required to make any changes to your summer courses.

Why was this date selected?

Summer was chosen because there are typically fewer courses running during that time. The concurrent Summer semesters makes scheduling any upgrades difficult. Inter-session time periods are also not ideal, because of the short duration and the fact that most faculty will already have their courses already set up for the next semester. This date was chosen because it falls in the middle of the summer so that due dates can be slightly modified, if necessary. This will also give us ample time to train and inform faculty returning for Fall semester and the remaining Summer terms. Historically, instructors have said that they cannot afford to lose a course setup day during the 2 working days that occur after summer grades are due (August 23rd) and fall classes start. 

Will there be downtime?

Yes. We anticipate that Springboard will be unavailable for 8-10 hours while it is being upgraded. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will post a global news item in Springboard to remind you and your students of this outage. If you subscribe to notifications for Springboard News, you will receive an immediate email and/or text message when the upgrade is complete.

Where can I preview v.10.6?

All UA faculty and students have access to the Springboard test environment. Use your UAnet ID and password to log into If you want to login to the test server from off campus, you will require VPN access.

How can I get a practice or existing course into the test server?

If you're interested in testing how your own courses will work within version 10.6, you can simply:

Will Springboard look different after the upgrade?

Yes, we have updated the Springboard logo, color scheme, and the navigation bar. By default, the course homepage should look similar to this:


Why does the interface look different?

The new interface creates easier navigation throughout Springboard while focusing the users’ attention on each page. The pages will load and perform better on a wide variety of mobile devices.

Why did the navigation bar change?

Over the years, more and more features have been introduced to Springboard. We want to make it easy for instructors and students to access these tools, but also keep the default navigation bar from stretching across multiple lines. We've condensed the existing links (and a few new ones) into dropdown menus as the best of both worlds.

Where can I learn more about version 10.6?

More information about the updates found in version 10.6 will be available on our blog. We are also developing a quick reference guide. We will add a link to the Quick Reference guide on this page as soon as it is complete.

Are there any features that will no longer be available?

No features will be removed. Some tools have been renamed. 

How can I receive training?

Training sessions have been scheduled throughout the summer. We will continue to add additional dates and times to meet instructor needs. Visit the ITL Seminars Site to enroll in a training seminar. Login and enroll in one or more of the following Springboard training options:

    • Springboard Introduction for Faculty
    • Springboard Intermediate Training for Faculty
    • Springboard Advanced Training for Faculty
    • What's New in Springboard 10.6 (recommended for Faculty who are very experienced with current Springboard functionality)

Is walk-in support available?

Yes. For quick questions, walk-in support (first-come, first-served) will be available in Leigh Hall 506 on the following dates:

    • Monday, July 25th (8 am - 5 pm)
    • Tuesday, July 26th (8 am - 5 pm)
    • Monday, August 29th (8 am - 5 pm)
    • Tuesday, August 30th (8 am - 5 pm)

Please note that walk-in support cannot replace formal training. If you have not completed formal Springboard training, please visit the ITL Seminars Site to enroll in a training seminar.

      Further Questions?

      If you have any other Springboard questions, please contact IT HelpDesk at or 330-972-6888