PSEOP Course Descriptions
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

English Composition I


Extensive and varied experience in developing writing skills, with practice in expressive, reflective, and analytic forms of writing.

English Composition II


Designed to develop skills in analyzing and writing persuasive arguments.

Exploring Music: Bach To Rock


This course provides non-music majors with the skills to evaluate a wide range of music. The course material is presented both historically (“From Bach to Rock”) and by genre (“The Blues,” “The Beatles,” etc.).  Students write three short papers and take a midterm and final exam. 

Government and Politics


Examination of American political system with emphasis on fundamental principles, ideas, institutions and processes of modern government. Lecture and discussion sections (day classes only).

Introduction to Economics


May not be substituted for 200, 201, 244. Economics primarily concerned in a broad social science context. Adequate amount of basic theory introduced. Cannot be used to satisfy major or minor requirements in economics.

Shakespeare & His World


Prerequisites: 111 and 112 or their equivalents, and 3400:210 or 221. An introduction to the works of Shakespeare and their intellectual and social contexts. Each section "places" Shakespeare through compact readings of works by the playwright's contemporaries.  This course fulfills the General Education Humanities Requirement. It cannot be used to meet requirements in English.



Cybercrime is a broad introduction to the field of computer crime, basic criminal techniques, and the relevant laws.  The course is a good introduction to the essentials of computer forensic and specific techniques that hackers use to infiltrate computer systems.  Topics will include an overview of encryption, steganography, and how cyber criminals communicate.

Computer Forensics


The course will cover Report Writing, Expert Testimony, the trial process, and preparing forensics evidence for testimony.  This course is perfect for someone considering a career in computer forensics.

Introduction to Psychology


Introduction to scientific study of behavior, survey of physiological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, development, learning and cognition, personality, social interaction and other selected topics.

Introduction to Public Speaking


Introduction to principles and practice of speaking by reading examples of speeches, studying techniques and methods employed and applying them in a variety of speaking situations.

Introduction to Sociology


Basic terminology, concepts and approaches in sociology, including introduction to analysis of social groups and application of sociological concepts to the understanding of social systems. Required of majors. Lecture/discussion.

Introduction to Sports/Exercise Studies


Provides student with general overview of career opportunities within sport/exercise studies. Emphasis placed on the understanding of the field of sport studies, exercise science, and wellness education.

State and Local Government


Examination of institutions, processes and intergovernmental relations at state and local levels.

Classic & Contemporary Literature


Close reading and analysis of fiction, poetry, and drama from the evolving canon of American, British, and World literature.  Satisfies the Humanities Option of the General Studies Program.
CANNOT be used to fulfill the English department requirements.

Personal Health


This course applies the current principles and facts pertaining to healthful, effective living, personal health problems, and needs of the student.