Extensions blocked by UA email filtering (Proofpoint)

As of February 2012

386 3gr add ade asp bas
bat chm cmd com cpl crt
dbx dll exe fon hlp hta
inf ins isp js jse lnk
mdb mde msc msi msp mst
ocx pcd pif reg scr sct
shb shs url vb vbe vbs
vxd wsc wsf wsh


Proofpoint spam and virus filtering

As part of our continuous efforts to provide better service to the University community, Information Technology Services implemented a new email security solution from Proofpoint.

Proofpoint, a commercial service, replaced the old set of local processes used for anti-spam and anti-virus filtering. All incoming mail is now processed through the continuously updated Proofpoint filters.

For the most part, Proofpoint is automatic, requiring no changes to your particular email setup. If you have created email filtering rules, these may not be necessary but it will not hurt to leave them in place.

Proofpoint End-user Digest

Proofpoint allows for personal safe sender (whitelisting) and blocked sender (blacklisting) rules. Probable spam messages are placed in a quarantine area. You will receive a daily email update listing your newly quarantined messages, allowing you to review the blocked messages and release any of them from the quarantine if you wish.

On each weekday morning, you will receive the "End User Digest" that summarizes the messages that have been quarantined for you since the last digest. In the digest, each e-mail has a set of commands next to it:

  • View - View the message
  • Release - release the message from the quarantine and deliver it to my Inbox
  • Safelist - add the sender to "Safe Senders List" so no future messages from them will be quarantined.
  • NotSpam - Report to Proofpoint that this message is not spam. This helps Proofpoint increase the effectiveness of their scanning.
  • Delete – Where you can delete specific emails. However, you do not need to delete your messages personally. If you do nothing, Proofpoint will automatically delete them for you after two weeks.

In addition to the digest, you can log into the Proofpoint end-user system. Simply click on the "Manage My Account" link at the top of the End User Digest you receive every day. That link will automatically redirect you to your account.

Specific information about using the quarantine digest and the safe and blocked senders lists can be found in the Release emails from quarantine PDF.

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If you have questions, contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@uakron.edu, 330-972-6888.