Non-Emeritus Retiree Email Migration

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

All non-emeritus retirees are subject to this change.  There are no exceptions.  Emeritus retirees are not subject to this migration and they will keep their email address.

ITS will be communicating specific migration dates for retirees.  We will be migrating retirees in groups over the course of the next year.  All accounts will be migrated by June 1, 2023.

We will be hosting workshops to assist each group as they migrate to make sure they are comfortable with the new email environment.

There are several reasons why we are moving your account.  One reason is that some of our licensing agreements have changed and we must move your account in order to stay compliant.  Another reason is that the university is facing growing cyber security risks and the most effective method of protecting the university, while still providing technology services to you, is to move your account to a new environment. 

In the new environment, your password will be stored with Microsoft and you will manage your account.  The University of Akron will not be managing your account or password moving forward unless you begin taking classes again.

We will be placing an automatic forward on your current email address until June 1, 2024.  This will  allow you to continue to receive messages sent to your old mailbox while you update your email address with whomever you feel you need to.

If you are still working for the university part-time, your account will not be migrated.  However, we will still create your retiree email account in the new environment for you to start transitioning your personal communications to.  Your current account will then become subject to the deactivation process that all other part-time employees experience.  We can address these specific situations with you as we meet to address the migration of your account.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact our help desk at (330) 972-6888 or email us at and we'll get your questions answered.

Project Details

Project Background

The University of Akron is facing a rapidly changing technology and financial landscape that has introduced several challenges to maintaining the current approach for alumni and non-emeritus retirees.  License agreements with multiple vendors are removing these populations from being allowed to use their products and managing the cyber security threat landscape for these populations are overwhelming UA resources.  

Project Details

ITS is partnering with Microsoft to provide a new environment, managed by Microsoft, to alleviate the financial and security pressures associated with maintaining these accounts.  ITS is copying emails, calendar events, and contacts for non-emeritus retirees to a new Microsoft environment.  Access to  non-emeritus retiree accounts will cease on June 1, 2023.


  • Provides full functionality in Microsoft 365, such as
  • Email and account security offered by Microsoft with no reliance on the UA Service Desk to reset your password
  • 50GB of email storage
  • 5 TB of OneDrive storage
  • Web versions of the Office suite
  • Access to Microsoft Teams
  • Many more... 

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