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Assisting users with site migrations

Contact: Paul Kolasky


Project Details

Our On-premise SharePoint 2010 service is being migrated to Office 365 in order to take advantage of the improved feature set that Office 365 provides, as well as cleaning up permissions associated with the SharePoint sites. 

A large amount of work went in to testing, planning, and cleaning up permissions throughout 2018.  In early 2019 that work was deemed complete and a notice was sent out to users indicating that the transition was imminent.  That notice went out first on 2/11/2019, and was repeated every week thereafter.  Users have until the end of March to contact ITS to have their site migrated.  Sites with no contact person would be disabled.

Time Line

SharePoint Time Line

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Contact the helpdesk to open a ticket requesting SharePoint site migration.

That depends on how many other sites are actively being migrated, where your request is in the queue, and how complex the site is.

ITS will be keeping track of requested site migrations and those sites will remain enabled in SharePoint 2010 until the service requests are completed.