Welcome to The University of Akron!

This website, created by The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL), is designed to assist you in your instructional journey at UA. It hosts a wealth of information – some of which is applicable to anyone joining UA’s campus community, while other content has been specifically designed for the benefit of new instructional staff. You are encouraged to review this website in its entirety, as the knowledge presented here will help you better orient yourself as a new faculty member.

If you are in need of further assistance or have unanswered questions upon reviewing the content on this website, please reach out to your department chair, school director, or a member of the Institute for Teaching and Learning, where we coordinate new faculty orientation and promote the improvement of teaching and enhancement of student learning through consultations, workshops, and trainings on professional development, general education, student learning assessment, course design and development, and technology implementation.

All the best as you begin (or continue) your instructional endeavors at UA!

—Janet Bean

Janet Bean, PhD
Director, Institute for Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor of English
Leigh Hall 412, 330-972-6462