In-State Tuition, Free Full Tuition Payment Available

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland signed an executive order establishing The Ohio GI Promise, which changes Ohio’s residence requirements to allow all veterans of the U.S. Armed Services, their spouses, and dependents who choose to attend Ohio colleges and universities to do so at in-state tuition rates.

"This is a great benefit for veterans, as well as for Ohio," Strickland said. "It delivers real support to veterans while helping strengthen Ohio's strategic plan for higher education, which calls for attracting and keeping talent in the state. Who better to have as part of Ohio's colleges and universities, workforce and communities than the veterans who have served, led, and protected our country?"

The new program comes on the heels of the new GI Bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush June 30, which doubles college benefits for eligible troops and veterans, essentially guaranteeing full tuition payment at any in-state public college or university, as well as providing monthly housing funds.

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