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Ohio Bar Exam results, 2010-14

Akron Law's first-time taker pass rate on the Ohio bar exam has exceeded the statewide first-time taker pass rate on six out of the last eight exams.

Akron Law's five-year average pass rate in Ohio is 89.4 percent for first-time takers, exceeding the state-wide average of 85.8 percent. Akron Law graduates have also performed well on the bar exam in other states. Detailed bar exam passage statistics may be found on the bar admissions web page at The Supreme Court of Ohio (or other state supreme courts).

Akron Law supports its graduates’ bar exam preparation in Ohio and other states. For example, our 2013 bar exam takers will receive 90 percent (up to a maximum of $2,200) of the final cost of their commercial bar exam preparation course. In addition, Akron Law offers a three-credit bar exam preparation elective course, subsidizes exam-answering courses, and sends representatives to the bar exam to support our students each February and July.

Source: Ohio Supreme Court

Exam First-time takers All takers
February 2014 85.3% (29/34) 77.1% (37/48)
July 2013 85.4% (82/96) 83.0% (83/100)
February 2013 91.4% (32/35) 85.4% (41/48)
July 2012 84.6% (77/91) 81.6% (80/98)
February 2012 80% (12/15) 70.8% (17/24)
July 2011 89.3% (67/75) 86.4% (70/81)
February 2011 100% (16/16) 80.8% (21/26)
July 2010 93.5% (87/93) 87.3% (89/102)