Housing options for law students

NOTE: The School of Law neither endorses nor represents any of the websites listed here, nor can we provide specific recommendations with regard to landlords, apartment communities, rental properties, or neighborhoods.

This information is provided solely as a reference for new law students.

On-Campus Housing

For more information on on-campus housing, please contact Residence Life and Housing. The University of Akron does not offer on-campus housing for couples or families, nor is there designated law student housing. Law students who live on campus typically request rooms in the Exchange Street Residence Hall or the University Townhouses. If you are considering living on campus, it is best to start making arrangements in March or April, as space in the residence halls is taken rapidly.

Off-Campus Housing

The University of Akron is located in the heart of the vibrant downtown Akron community. The urban environment provides a rich learning experience to student-residents. A listing service is offered by Off-Campus Student Services to assist students, faculty, and staff in locating appropriate housing primarily in the areas around the university community.

This listing service has been created to provide a comprehensive, on-line link for those interested in living off-campus and landlords who have property options to offer. Click here for more information. 

National Pet Friendly Apartment Directory

Apartment Hunting

Roommate Searching

The Law Admissions Office runs a Facebook group, one of the purposes of which is to help entering students connect with potential roommates, only for admitted law students. If you have been admitted to the upcoming entering class and are interested in joining the Facebook group, please e-mail the Admissions Office at lawadmissions@uakron.edu for more information.

Moving and Relocation Resources