From the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce website:

“Located within 500 miles of 42 major cities, yet surrounded by over 40,000 acres of parkland, Greater Akron provides living and working environments to suit every lifestyle. The area is unique in its versatility, boasting a low cost of living, outstanding cultural access and ever-growing employment opportunities.

“Ask people what they most value about Greater Akron, and they’ll tell you that it’s a region where the business environment is alive with possibilities for success. It’s an area where it’s easy to connect with others and foster relationships. And it’s a great place to grow up, raise a family, start a career or business, and enjoy life.

“Akron's climate offers the chance to experience the best of all four seasons. Summer months are warm and sunny with temperatures usually in the mid-80's. Autumn months are cool and dry, with spectacular foliage visible throughout the park system. Winters bring snow and freezing temperatures, perfect for skiing and local sled runs. Breezy spring months set local parks and gardens in full bloom as the temperature warms into the 70's.

“The continuing growth of local industry speaks highly of the business climate Akron has created. The community is positioned as a global center for industry by virtue of having one of the nation’s best distribution and transportation networks, a favorable tax structure, an abundant water supply and a trained labor force of varied skills. Greater Akron provides a stimulating blend of outstanding educational, cultural and recreational resources.”

Learn more about relocation to Akron, working in Akron, and living in Akron by visiting the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce or click here to view the 2012-2013 Akron Summit Visitors Guide.