Sample schedules

These schedules are provided for reference purposes only. Course times can and do change from year to year and from section to section. These sample schedules are based on the fall semester 2014 schedule.

Please note the following about our schedule:

  • Full-time students are required to enroll in 12-16 semester hours each semester. Summer coursework is optional.
  • First-year daytime classes are divided into two sections of 50-60 students each. All students in a given section have very similar schedules and have most or all of their classes together for the first year.
  • Part-time students typically enroll in 8-11 semester hours each semester, although upper-division part-time students may take as few as one course per semester, provided they stay on track to complete the J.D. degree in not more than six years.
  • Part-time students are also required to take five semester hours of coursework during the summer after the first year. Summer coursework beyond the first summer is optional but strongly recommended.
  • First year evening classes typically have one section of 60-70 students.
  • Evening classes typically run from 6:30 - 9:30 and may be held three or four nights per week. The evening schedule in years three and four may vary depending upon the electives and number of credit hours on a student's schedule.
  • No student is guaranteed to have the same schedule from one semester to the next.  
  • First year students do not choose their class schedules - all first year courses are required. The Admissions Office schedules all first year students for their classes.
  • Full-time students in the first year of law school typically take classes only during daytime hours, but, as long as seats are available, they may choose to take contracts, torts, and/or LARW during evening hours.
  • Upper-division law students determine their own schedules and register themselves for classes.
  • Because about one-third of our student body can only attend classes during evening hours, upper-division full-time students may find themselves taking classes at night. This is especially true of highly specialized elective courses, which are often taught by adjunct faculty members.
  • Click here for our current schedule of classes.

Sample Schedule - Full-Time

Sample Schedule - Part-Time (Day)

Sample Schedule - Part-Time (Evening)