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Name Cr. Description
9200:650 Labor Law & Collective Bargaining 3 Prerequisite: None.  Representation procedures.  Unfair labor practices of labor and management, strikes, picketing, boycotts, lockouts.  Jurisdictional disputes.  Law and practice of labor arbitration and collective bargaining, including a study of the grievance arbitration process pursuant to collective bargaining agreements.
9200:652 Land Use Planning 3 Prerequisite:  615.  Assumptions, doctrines and implications of planning law; zoning; legal and administrative problems involved in allocating and developing land located in metropolitan areas.
9200:619 LARW I * 3 Introduction to the basic skills in legal research, particularly case law, statutes, and secondary authority; development of skills in legal analysis and writing through expository writing (research memoranda) and persuasive writing and oral advocacy (motions and appellate briefing and argument).
9200:620 LARW II * 2 Prerequisite: 619.  Introduction to the basic skills in legal research, particularly case law, statutes, and secondary authority; development of skills in legal analysis and writing through expository writing (research memoranda) and persuasive writing and oral advocacy (motions and appellate briefing and argument).
9200:634 Law & Psychiatry 2 to 3 Exploration of intersections between psychiatry & mental illness & legal rules & procedures.
9200:662 Law Firm Administration Seminar 2 to 3 Prerequisite: 626. This seminar will provide students with a comprehensive view of all the areas a solo and small firm practitioner will need to plan for as they are deciding whether or not to "hang out their shingle."
9200:658 Law Review Editorial Board 0 to 2 Zero to four credits, credit/non-credit.  Prerequisites:  656.  Performance of significant and appropriate editorial duties.  May not be repeated.  A student who desires to take the course for zero credits must obtain permission from the law review advisors.
9200:657 Law Review Senior Staff 0 to 2 Zero to two credits, credit/non-credit.  Prerequisite:  656.  Critical review and evaluation of notes and comments prepared by Law Review Assistant Editors.  May be repeated.  A student who desires to take the course for zero credits must obtain permission from the law review advisors.
9200:656 Law Review Staff 2 Prerequisite:  Completion of first year and invitation predicated upon scholarship or demonstrated writing skills.  Preparation of note: analysis and criticism of recent cases; citation checking and critical review ("spading") of notes or articles of others.  May not be repeated.  Total credits obtainable for courses designated Law Review 656, 657 and 658 not to exceed four (4) credit hours.
9200:688 Legal Drafting * 1 Prerequisites:  619, 620.  Refinement of skills in written legal analysis through performance of drafting assignments, including preparation of a written exposition on a proposed solution to a drafting problem.  Required course for all students.
9200:676 Legislation Regulation * 2 This course presents an overview of the legislative process, judical statutory intrepretation approaches and administrative agency roles.
9200:663 Legislative Process 3 This course is a survey of all aspects of the legislative process, with an emphasis on structure and process rather than legislative drafting or statutory interpretation.  Some of the topics covered are: descriptive and normative theories of legislation; electoral structures; gerrymanderings; term limits; ballot access; campaign finance; lobbying; internal rules of legislatures; the federal budget process; direct democracy; and the due process of lawmaking.  We also discuss a range of current events relevant to the legislative process.  The course is highly participatory; course grade is based upon class participation and a 20-page paper.  GWR is available.
9200:805 Licensing Intellectual Property 1 to 3 Methods of exploiting intellectual property by licensing others to use it; contractual necessities, rights and obligations to protect ownership.
9200:898 LL.M. Individual Studies & Research 3 With permission of the LL.M. candidates' intellectual property faculty advisor, and reserved for rare and compelling situations that justify altering the normal allocation of credits to Thesis, Internship/Externship and classroom coursework, special problems, projects or research may be taken for credit under the supervision of a supervising faculty member. The paper for this course must have a minimum length of 45 pages; unless the instructor approves an alternative form appropriate to the project. Except under rare and compelling circumstances, this course may not be taken to write a research paper on a subject on which the school offers a course which provides the student an opportunity to pursue that area of study.
9200:664 Local Government Law 3 Prerequisite: None.  Nature of municipal corporations.  Creation, annexation, and dissolution.  Home rule.  Police powers.  Financing.  Federal-state-local relationships.  Staffing.  Contractual and delictual liability.
9200:659 Negotiation 1 to 3 Prerequisite:  602.  The lawyer's role as negotiator in planning negotiations and determination of strategies to effect objects, weighing legal, economic, behavioristic, ethical and social factors that condition outcomes.
9200:826 Patent Claim Construction 3 Presentation of the rules, evidence and procedures for interpreting the claims of a patent.  Covers the principles of construing claims, consideration of the judge-made rules regarding interpretation of claim language standing alone, in the context of the specification of the patent and in the context of prosecution history. 
9200:801 Patent Law & Policy 3 A study of the law and process of patent protection and enforceability and the policies that underlie patent protection.
9200:807 Patent Prosecution 3 The process of researching, preparing and prosecuting valid and enforceable applications to obtain U.S. patents.
9200:627 Payment Systems 3 The Law of Negotiable Instruments and Bank Collections under Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the law of sales under Article 2, and UCITA.
9200:613 Pro Bono Service Requirement * 0 To provide positive experiences to law students that will promote their future involvement as practitioners and provide independent educational value (direct knowledge) concerning the plight of persons of limited means and their access to justice.
9200:693 Probate Practice 2 Prerequisites:  685, 686.  Intestate and testamentary administration, including the probating of a will, presentment of claims, the inventory, settlement and distribution and will contests.  The Ohio Probate Code will be the model.
9200:665 Problem Solving Workshop * 1 to 3 This course introduces law students to the context in which legal problems arise and are solved.  Working with case simulations in which the full facts are not available, legal issues are not clearly or narrowly identified, and client goals are not always expressly stated, students working in teams will produce written work product under deadline.  This course will help students understand how knowledge adn skills are applied to help clients, and will introduce them to the professional skills required to do so effectively.
9200:612 Professional Responsibility * 3 Prerequisite:  None.  Legal profession as an institution.  Responsibilities of lawyers.  Duties and privileges.  Professional qualifications.
9200:645 Property  * 4 Survey of basic elements under Anglo-American law for the ownership, and control of the use of property.
9200:670 Prosecution Function 3 Brings an understanding of the prosecution side of the justice system.  An effort is made to discuss the dual and sometimes conflicting role of the prosecutor as chief law enforcement officer and chief dispenser of justice.
9200:700 Public Health Law 2 to 3 This course examines the many ways in which the law impacts the public health, including the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, tobacco regulations, rights to have and refuse medical care, reproductive health, and lawsuits against tobacco and gun companies.  The course emphasizes constitutional law, but also touches on criminal law, tort law and intellectual property law.
9200:677 Real Estate Law 3 An in-depth study of the legal regimes affecting real estate transactions.
9200:668 Remedies 3 Prerequisite: None.  Equitable remedies, unjust enrichment and restitution; remedies for injuries to tangible property, and economic, dignitary and personal interests including wrongful death.  Disaffirmance and remedies for deception, duress, undue influence, hardship, unconscionability, mistake, breach of contract and nominally unenforceable transactions.
9200:629 Secured Transactions 3 Prerequisite:  None.  The Law of Secured Transactions under Articles 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.  Includes an examination of the impact of the federal bankruptcy law and the Federal Tax Lien Act on Article 9 security interests.
9200:671 Securities Regulation 3 Prerequisite:  633.  State and federal law and rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission in issuance and trading of securities; legal and self-regulatory aspects of the securities industry.
9200:683 SEED Clinic 2 to 3 The SEED Clinic affords students the opportunity to obtain hands-on, practical, entrepreneurial, experience in transactions involving business and nonprofit clients.
9200:672 Sem: Business Planning 3 Prerequisite:  633 or permission of instructor.  Advanced course using the problem approach in planning business transactions in light of applicable corporate, tax and securities law considerations.
9200:632 Sem: Education Law 3 Study of how the law and the public education system interact.
9200:654 Sem: Feminist & Race Theory 3 Prerequisite: None.  Exploration of contemporary feminist legal theory and critical race theory.  The common theme in all of the readings is: "What is equality and inequality?"  Students will explore what equality might mean, how it can be achieved, why the country has failed to achieve it so far, why inequality exists, how it impacts people and what legal and non-legal solutions it might involve.
9200:844 Sem: First Amendment Law 3 An in-depth examination of selected issues concerning the speech, press, and religion clauses of the First Amendment.
9200:678 Sem: Jurisprudence 3 Prerequisite: None.  Examination and evaluation of principal theories of legal philosophy.  Theories are frequently considered in connection with concrete problems and are evaluated in light of various goal values.
9200:684 Sem: Selected Legal Problems 1 to 3 (May be repeated)  Analysis of special or current legal problems offering opportunities for legal research, effective integration of legal and relevant nonlegal materials, and expository legal writing.
9200:884 Sem: Selected Legal Problems 1 to 3 (May be repeated)  Analysis of special or current legal problems offering opportunities for legal research, effective integration of legal and relevant nonlegal materials, and expository legal writing.
9200:628 Seminar in Pretrial Advocacy 3 Prerequisite:  602.  A practical course designed to simulate all of the necessary steps leading to trial, beginning with the client interview and up to and including the final pretrial statement.
9200:881 Sports Law 3 The law affecting sports and players, including contract and liability issues, as well as administrative aspects.
9200:667 Substantial Skills * 1 to 3 May be repeated.  Skills-centered courses that involve faculty assessment and grading based upon skills performances, offering students the opportunity to satisfy the skills requirement.
9200:644 Supreme Court Seminar 3 Prerequisite: 602. This course is designed to explore the powers of the Supreme Courts.
9200:616 Torts * 1 to 4 Survey of basic tort law and its function; allocating cost of unintentionally caused harm by negligence or strict liability; intentional wrongs; dignitary wrongs.
9200:804 Trade Secrets 2 to 3 A study of protecting intellectual property through common law mechanisms, and on helping clients choose a method of protection suited to their needs and the property.
9200:802 Trademark Law 3 A study of the law and process of protecting trademarks and trade dress, and the policies underlying the system.
9200:690 Trial Advocacy I 3 Prerequisite:  608.  Fundamental techniques of trial preparation, direct examination, cross examination, introduction of exhibits, objections, opening statements and closing arguments.
9200:692 Trial Advocacy II 3 Prerequisite:  690.  Preparation and actual trial of two civil cases and two criminal cases; jury selection; ethical and political considerations of trial advocacy.
9200:669 UCC-Sales 2 A survey of the Law of Sales in the Uniform Commercial Code, including formation, execution and remedies, with emphasis on the acquisition of skills for solving problems in this area.
9200:685 Wills, Trusts & Estates I 3 Prerequisite: None.  Intestate succession; execution, revocation and revalidation of wills; creation and termination of trusts; gifts to charity; will substitutes; future interests; powers of appointment; class gifts.
9200:686 Wills, Trusts and Estates II 3 Prerequisite:  685.  Continuation of 685.