Complete your law degree at Akron in less time through our 3 + 3 program

3 + 3 program: Earn your bachelor’s degree and your law degree in just 6 years

Highly qualified and motivated undergraduates in select programs at The University of Akron and at our partner schools can earn their bachelor’s and law degrees in six years instead of the usual seven. Students typically earn a bachelor’s degree in four years and then take another three years to complete a Juris Doctor degree.

Three plus three student at Akron Law School
"Applying to this program was super easy. It was nice knowing where I’d be going to law school and that I wouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to apply to a bunch of schools.” JARED CLINE
B.A., Legal Studies and Political Science, Walsh University
2022 J.D. candidate, The University of Akron School of Law

The University of Akron School of Law’s 3 + 3 program saves students a full year of undergraduate study, tuition and living expenses. Students admitted under the program fulfill the fourth year of their bachelor’s degree through the successful completion of their first-year law school courses. They will graduate law school and get out into the world a year earlier than students who follow the traditional path, increasing their long-term earning potential and giving them a head start on making a difference in their chosen field.


Applicants who have completed at least 91 credits towards a bachelor’s degree may be automatically admitted to Akron Law if they:

  • are in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at their undergraduate institution;
  • satisfy the character and fitness standards required of all students admitted to Akron Law;
  • have an LSAT that is at or above the 25th percentile of the previous year’s entering class (currently 151); and
  • have an undergraduate grade point average at or above the median of the previous Akron Law entering class (currently 3.45).

Each undergraduate institution determines which majors and programs are eligible for participation.

The University of Akron, Political Science | Department site

The University of Akron, Philosophy | Department site

Robert Morris University | Program details

Walsh University | Program details

Mount Union | Program details

Youngstown State University | Program Details

Application requirements

Students in the 3 + 3 program will apply to Akron Law during their third year of college by submitting a law school application to Akron Law through the Law School Admissions Council ( Students must take either the LSAT or the GRE by the winter of their third year in college. All 3 + 3 applicants must also submit a certificate of eligibility from their undergraduate institution as part of their Akron Law application. Students may apply to start at Akron Law in the spring, summer or fall term.

Three plus three student at Akron Law School
“The program saved me a significant amount of time. I’m going to have my law degree at 22. Most people don’t get that until they are 26 or 27.” TREASUR LUIKART
B.A., Political Science, The University of Akron
2021 J.D. candidate, The University of Akron School of Law


Students admitted under the 3 + 3 program will pay tuition only to Akron Law during their law school career.

Next steps

Students interested in pursuing the 3 + 3 program should speak to an academic advisor at their college early in their undergraduate career to ensure that they receive proper advising and to ensure that they have time to successfully complete the requirements of their major and the necessary undergraduate credit hours.


If you are interested in learning more about the Akron Law 3 + 3 program, please contact your undergraduate pre-law or academic advisor and the Akron Law Admissions Office at