Akron Law Faculty Research - Regenerate  

Engaging in Relevant Scholarship

At The University of Akron School of Law, our legal scholarship is designed to make the research relevant to the law and those affected by the law. Akron Law scholars engage in applied legal scholarship in which the theoretical, historical, and empirical seek connection with contemporary legal problems. The faculty utilizes their academic insights and experience to develop solutions to real-world problems that can be implemented by jurists, legislators, litigants, and academics in the pursuit of justice. The small faculty at Akron Law have been identified as one of the up-and-coming scholarly faculties with impact on the law. Our student journals, the Akron Law Review and the Akron Tax Journal have been noted recently for their impact, and we anticipate that our newest journal, the Akron Intellectual Property Journal, will match this record. The Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology is ranked among the top IP programs in the nation for its contributions to the intellectual growth of J.D. and LL.M. students. The work of our cadre of intellectual property scholars as authors of treatises in IP, Licensing and Cyberlaw is important to practitioners and other academics in the field. Akron Law's Constitutional Law Center, one of only four such national centers established by Congress, facilitates research on broad issues of constitutional law and history. Faculty members are writing casebooks and treatises on administrative law, scientific evidence, trusts and estates, women and the law and remedies. They are engaged in writing books on prisons, international jurisdiction, misconvictions and women’s legal history. Overall, faculty research at Akron Law is designed as a mechanism to enhance the problem-solving capacity of the law.