Roger D. Emerson, Esquire
Roger D. Emerson, Esquire
IP Council Profile

Why did you become involved with the IP Council?

For two reasons: First, I felt an obligation to The University of Akron School of Law because of the education I received there. Secondly, I was impressed by the other members of the IP Council. I consider myself one of the real “lightweights” on the Council and am very benefitted by the opportunity to meet some of the experienced and accomplished practitioners on the Council.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role as a member of the IP Council?

Since I live and work in Akron, I believe I can add a “boots on the ground” perspective to some of the issues facing the school, as well as be of assistance to Jeff Samuels.

What sets Akron Law’s IP program apart from other schools’ IP programs?

Primarily, Jeff Samuels. For a person of his competency and stature in the IP community to be affiliated with our school is certainly a blessing and an important asset.

What do you enjoy most about practicing IP Law?

I enjoy the subject matter and the inventors. I think IP law is creative, and building and sustaining. Generally, the people who hire me are creative, intelligent people who are excited about the future. I have the happy good fortune of practicing in an area of law in which people are generally glad to be calling us because they are optimistic about making money about a new idea they have had.

What advice would you give to students interested in pursuing a career in IP Law?

I believe this is an area of law where one’s undergraduate degree is of more importance than for many areas of law. If one is considering a career in IP Law prior to finishing his/her undergraduate degree, take care to pick an undergraduate degree that will help in the IP Law practice.