Scott M. Oldham, Esquire
Scott M. Oldham, Esquire
IP Council Profile

Why did you become involved with the IP Council?

After starting to expand the IP courses at Akron Law when an adjunct, and getting then Dean Aynes to move forward with an emphasis on IP, I was excited about the possibility of having Akron Law become a leader in IP education. As the Inventors Hall of Fame came to Akron, having this expertise seemed a natural fit, and I wanted to be involved.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role as a member of the IP Council?

To have Akron Law become nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in IP education, and to increase the opportunities for students to become leaders in IP practice and policy. I also want to help create a Regional Innovation Institute that fosters innovation and a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, creativity and education.

What sets Akron Law’s IP program apart from other schools’ IP programs?

The IP offerings are significant, and opportunities to get involved in IP related activities and publications are plentiful. The IP Council, with a number of IP leaders contributing ideas and providing access to students is great.

What do you enjoy most about practicing IP Law?

The variety of interesting technologies and people we interact with. Working with people/companies dreams.

What advice would you give to students interested in pursuing a career in IP Law?

Get involved and get experience any way you can.