To make a deposit into your SAF account, follow these steps:

  1. Download the deposit memo.
  2. Edit the top part of the memo so that it includes the current date, your student organization's information, and SAF account number rather than the placeholder information that is there by default. If you do not know your SAF account number, please contact Barbara Weinzierl (
  3. Enter the checks, credit card slips, and cash according to the template that is laid out on the memo.
  4. Bring any checks that are a part of your deposit to Barbara Weinzierl for endorsement.
  5. Take the deposit memo, along with all checks, credit card slips, and cash to the Cashier's Office window on the first floor of Simmons Hall.
  6. The Cashier will deposit the funds into your SAF account and send the receipt to Barbara Weinzierl. Barbara will then leave the receipt in your student mailbox.

Do not hold on to cash (other than small amounts of petty cash), checks, or credit card receipts for longer than one business day.

Guidelines for Handling Cash, Checks, and Credit Card Payments

In order to ensure the security of the personal information of those making payments to your organization and to minimize the risk of loss of funds, please exercise the utmost care in handling payments to your organization. Some guidelines for handling payments are below.

  1. Do not hold on to cash, checks, or credit card receipts intended for deposit into your organization’s SAF account for longer than one business day.
  2. Do not keep more than $50 in petty cash in your student organization’s office.
  3. It is not recommended that you store valuables or excess cash in your student organization’s office. If, however, you do make the decision to keep cash or other valuables in your student organization’s office, it is best to store such items in a safe or locking cash box. You may use a reasonable amount of EAF money to purchase a safe or locking cash box. It is your responsibility to pass the key or combination of your organization’s safe or cash box to the next group of officers.
  4. If you hold an event after hours and need a secure place to store cash, checks, and credit card slips after an event, you may use the drop box in the student lounge, which is on the wall with the student mailboxes, on the end nearest the vending machines. Be sure to put your name, email address, and the name of your organization on an envelope and seal the cash, checks, and credit card receipts inside the envelope before placing them inside the drop box. The law school receptionist checks this drop box every morning and will send you an email when your deposit is available for pick-up at the reception desk. It is still your responsibility to prepare the deposit and walk the deposit to the Cashier’s Office in Simmons Hall.
  5. Handle credit card information with the utmost care – even more so than with cash. Theft of credit card information could lead to unauthorized use of a credit card and possibly even identity theft. The ability to accept credit card payments is a privilege, not a right. Improper handling of credit card information may lead to the suspension of access to EAF and SAF funds. In addition, your organization may lose the privilege of accepting credit cards as a form of payment.

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