Student organizations have a computer and printer in their offices that are tyipcally used for small print jobs. For larger print jobs or print jobs involving larger media such as posters or banners, organizations may elect to have some of their EAF transferred on to a courtesy Zip card, which they can then use to print and copy documents at any printer or copy machine in the law school or at any of the DocuZip shops on campus.

This courtesy card must be treated just like petty cash and is ONLY TO BE USED FOR PRINT/COPY JOBS RELATED TO STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS – ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL PRINTING/COPYING WITH THESE FUNDS IS PERMITTED. Like cash, lost or stolen courtesy cards cannot be replaced.

If you would like to allocate some of your EAF money to printing, please e-mail Barbara Weinzierl ( with the name of your student organization and the amount that you’d like to allocate toward printing ($75 maximum per request; if you exhaust the funds on your print card, please e-mail Barbara and ask for your card to be recharged). You will receive your print card within two weeks of your request.

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