How to Buy Things for Your Organization

There are three ways to make a purchase for your student organization:

  1. Use your student organization’s University Purchasing Visa Card (click here for information on how to get and use a Visa card).
  2. Buy the item or goods with personal funds and request reimbursement.
  3. Get an invoice from the vendor and ask for a requisition (this process is exactly the same as requesting reimbursement, except that the payee is a third party rather than a student).

All student organization related purchases require the approval of the organization’s faculty advisor and treasurer.

Note that the University is a tax-exempt organization, so you can save your organization money by not paying sales tax. When making a purchase that would normally be subject to sales taxes, please tell the cashier or sales associate that you are making a tax-exempt purchase for The University of Akron. If there are any questions, have the cashier or sales associate call Barbara Weinzierl at 330.972.5320 for a tax exemption certificate.

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