In order to obtain a University Visa Card, a Student Organization must be in good standing with The University of Akron and have no holds on its SAF or EAF money.

Procedures for Obtaining a Visa Purchasing Card

  1. A Visa Purchasing Card Application is available here.
    1. The application must be completed by one of the organization’s officers. This individual will be known as the Cardholder and is the one responsible for the card and receipts. The University application allows the cardholder to indicate up to three additional authorized users of the card.
      1. Authorized users should be responsible members of your organization who may be asked to make purchases for the organization.
      2. The Cardholder and additional authorized users are the only ones that will be allowed to check out the Visa card from the School of Law Admissions Office. Please see the explanation below on Cardholder and Authorized Users.
      3. A UA Student ID card is required to check out a Visa card.
    2. Fill in all required information on the application form and have it signed by your Organization’s advisor.
    3. The signed application is to be turned in to the School of Law Admissions Office as soon as possible but no later than September 15.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the School of Law Admissions Office and then forwarded to the University Purchasing Department for processing. It should take approximately seven business days for you to receive your card, once Purchasing receives and processes the application.
  3. Barbara Weinzierl in the School of Law Admissions Office will notify the Cardholder when the card is ready. The Cardholder must attend a short orientation by Barbara Weinzierl on the use of the Visa Purchasing Card in order to activate and begin using the card. It is not required, but it is recommended, that all authorized users also attend the orientation session; otherwise, it will be the responsibility of the Cardholder to explain the procedures to the users. The Cardholder will be the signer on the back of the card.
  4. Visa cards are kept in a locked safe in the School of Law Admissions Office and checked in and out by Barbara Weinzierl when needed to make a purchase.
  5. Visa cards can be used to purchase approved items wherever the Visa card is accepted.

Using a Visa Purchasing Card

  1. When you want to use your Visa card to make a purchase for an item for your organization, submit a completed Student Organization Request (SOR) Form outlining your proposed purchase.
  2. Visa Check Out – To make a purchase:
    1. Bring your UA Student ID card along with the completed SOR form to the School of Law Admissions Office.
    2. Barbara Weinzierl will check your UA Student ID and verify that you are a Cardholder or authorized user for the organization.
    3. Barbara will review the SOR form following standard procedure.
    4. The cardholder or authorized user will be required to review a check list of items and to read and sign the UA Visa Purchasing Program Cardholders Agreement each time the Visa card is checked out for a purchase. The agreement states you agree to abide by the University Purchasing policies and UAF policies that govern fundable purchases as well as the date the card was signed out and date the card is expected to be returned.
  3. Visa Return/Check In – After making a purchase:
    1. The Visa card along with original receipts must be returned to the School of Law Admissions Office by the Due Date noted on the Cardholder Agreement form (which is two business days after check out) by the individual that checked out the card. It is recommended that you scan or keep a copy of this document and receipt(s) for your file before turning them in.
    2. Receipts: If there is an issue with acquiring receipt(s) for the purchase, please discuss this with Barbara Weinzierl and make arrangements to turn them in when you receive them (electronically or hard copy). Not having receipts is an unacceptable excuse for not returning the card by the due date. If there are any delays that would cause you to return the card later than the due date noted, please leave a message by phone or email with Barbara Weinzierl ( or 330.972.7334)
    3. If the Visa card is not returned within the expected timeframe and arrangements have not been made with Barbara Weinzierl, the Visa card may be cancelled and the student organization may not be able to utilize the privilege of using a Visa card for the remainder of the fiscal year.
    4. Barbara Weinzierl will record the date and time of the return on the Cardholder Agreement form and place your card back in to the locked safe.
    5. The SOR form, original receipts, and Cardholder agreement are then filed in the Student Organization’s file maintained by the School of Law Admissions Office.

Limitations of the Visa Purchasing Card

You are limited to $1,000 per month on your Visa Card, up to $1,000 per purchase, and up to 8 transactions per day.

  1. If you anticipate that your purchases are going to exceed these limits you must indicate that on the SOR form.
  2. Your request will be reviewed and Barbara Weinzierl will work with the Purchasing Office to have the $1,000 per purchase/$1,000 per month limit increased for one day. This process should not take more than one business day, but in order to ensure that you receive the release when it is needed for your organization, you should plan ahead and allow for additional processing time for your Visa request.
  3. You will be notified by Barbara Weinzierl once your increase has been approved.

Precautions to Follow for Visa Purchasing Cards

The Student Organization Visa Purchasing Card is University property and should be secured just as you would secure your personal credit cards. If a card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder should immediately notify JP Morgan Chase (phone number: 1-800-VISA-911) and also the Department of Purchasing at 330-972-7340. Written confirmation of card loss should also be sent to Purchasing ( as well as Barbara Weinzierl ( as soon as possible to limit University liability.

Upon receipt of your call, further use of the Visa Purchasing Card will be blocked. Prompt action in these circumstances can reduce the University’s and your Student Organization’s liability for fraudulent charges.

If the Purchasing Department or JP Morgan Chase is made aware of questionable or fraudulent transactions on your Visa card, they will place a hold on it until discussing the issue with the cardholder. If either determines that the Visa card is to be cancelled and communicates this to Cardholder, please notify Barbara Weinzierl ( in writing via email:

Cardholder and Authorized Users – Visa Purchasing Card

  1. The cardholder and the authorized users only can authorize a purchase to be made with this credit card.
  2. The Cardholder is the main person responsible for the Visa card. Even though we are permitting up to three additional authorized users to check out the Visa, some vendors may not accept the Visa card from anyone other than the Cardholder. Some stores may require the Cardholder to be present in order to ring up the purchase. Typically authorized users find it easier to use the cardholders Visa for an internet or phone order.
  3. If you are traveling and the Cardholder is not present on the trip, hotels will need the Cardholder to provide authorization in order to charge the payment. Hotels and other entities will provide you with their Authorization form in order to get approval to use the Cardholders card for payment. Forms are typically emailed to the requestor to complete and return to them authorizing approval for you to use the card.
  4. NEVER put the credit card number in an email. If you must refer to a card number in an email, use only the last 4 digits.
  5. Finally, remember you are committing University funds each time you use the Student Organization Credit Card. This is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.

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