The ELMO can be used to display to a projection screen, documents, transparencies, three dimensional objects. Your visual content may be handwritten or printed from a word processor, spread sheet, or presentation program. The ELMO's camera can be pointed to a flip chart or other free standing object. The camera's focus and zoom are controlled by the instructor.

Here is a short list of extra features included with the ELMO:

  • dual camera system - an extra camera is stored in the ELM and can be detached and pointed elsewhere. The control panel allows for smooth switching between the two cameras.
  • There is a 7 picture memory. Up to 7 images can be stored in the ELMO's memory so that you can backup to a previous image without putting the document back on the bed.
  • Built-in arrow video pointer.
  • You can either use the ELMO's wireless remote control or the mouse.
  • Negative-positive conversion.
  • Folds flat for easy storage or travel.
  • A small preview monitor pointed to the user so that the user can see exactly what the audience is viewing.
Although instructions will be included with the equipment, you can view or print the instructions now for additional information on setting up and running this equipment.

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