Wireless Printing Instructions for Mac OS X

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open Print & Fax
  3. Click on the + (plus) sign to add a new printer
  4. At the top of this dialog be sure IP Printer is selected and then apply the following settings:
    Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Address: uauniprint1.uanet.edu
    Queue: NAME OF PRINTER YOU WISH TO ADD (look below for name)
    Print Using: Select Printer Software Be sure to select the appropriate printer driver for the printer you are connecting to.
    • Law 1 and Law 2 use the Generic PostScript Printer driver. Be sure to also select the option of duplex unit
    • Law 3 uses Savin CLP37DN (You may need to download driver from www.savin.com for it to show up) Also remember to be sure tray 2 is installed.
    • Law 4 uses the HP Laserjet 9050 driver
  5. Click Add

When you go to retrieve your print job, you will swipe your ZipCard and find your print job listed as the “short name” on your local account.

Pay to Print Queue Names in The School of Law

Printer 1 Queue Name = PPSavinSP8300dnLaw1
Printer 1 is the Savin 8300 in the student lounge area.

Printer 2 Queue Name = PPSavinSP8300dnLaw2
Printer 2 is the Savin 8300 located near the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the Library.

Printer 3 Queue Name = PPSAVINCLP37DNLaw3-Color
Printer 3 is the Savin CLP37DN located near the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor.

Printer 4 Queue Name = PPHPLJ9050Law4
Printer 4 is the LaserJet 9050 located outside of room 301 on the 3rd floor of the Library.

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