Windows 7 Wireless Instructions

7 Wireless Configuration

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This method of connecting only works when there is no pre-existing rootown profile. If there is one, you can delete it by right clicking the Network icon in the taskbar (by the clock), selecting Network and Sharing Center, selecting Manage Wireless Networks on your left side, selecting "rootown" and clicking remove.

1.         Left click the Network icon in the taskbar. Select rootown and hit the Connect button.

2.         Enter your UAnetID and password accordingly.

3.         You may be met with a notice saying the connection could not be completed. Please select the Connect button rather than the Terminate button. The connection should then complete. An icon will show with a series of white/beige colored bars indicating signal strength. To ensure an Internet connection, put your mouse on the icon. It should say Access.

 If you are still having difficulties, please try the alternative instructions found here.

For a video demonstration, click here  (Will not work with iOS)

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