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Learning Communities

There's strength in numbers. Take classes together and connect in a common experience with the same group of students and succeed.

What's a Learning Community?

Learning Communities (LCs) are groups of 20 to 25 students who take two to four classes together during their first semester focusing on a specific theme, academic major or interest.

Why Join a Learning Community?


How to Join a Learning Community

Students are placed into a learning community at their orientation. Speak with your academic advisor at your new student orientation about the possibility of a learning community experience for the fall!

Spots are limited and are filled on a first come first serve bases. Some communities have specific academic criteria for where a student places for course work or may have a more formal selection process. Additional details regarding each learning community is available by clicking on the list of communities below. 

Available Learning Communities

For a list of currently available Learning Communities, please click here.

Interested in a Living-Learning Community or Themed Housing option living on campus?

Both living-learning communities and themed housing are groups of 10-25 students who share the same major or interest and live near one another in a residence hall.

Living-Learning Communities:

  • have a specifically designated academic component or requirement
  • have faculty/staff that are closely working with the community both inside and outside the classroom.
  • have application requirements
  • resident assistants and/or peer mentors assigned to these floors/areas will provide programs for students that are in line with the goals of the community.

Themed Housing:

  • students share an academic or special interest in common
  • resident assistants assigned to these floors/areas will provide programs for students that are in line with the theme for the community.

Students living in either type of these communities build even deeper connections to other members in the community, have great access to faculty and to the university, and this often results in better grades and a richer college experience.

Click here to visit the Department of Residence Life & Housing to see the list of current communities available and how to apply.

who participate in a learning community remain after their first year, which is significantly higher than students who did not participate in a learning community. infographic02

"This experience really helped me understand the different subject areas. The most rewarding thing was I learned to take ownership of my learning. It is worth mentioning that I made friends through my first year learning community, which has been so helpful throughout my studies."
- Ernest Williams

For more information, please contact:
Brandon A. Mikulski, M.A. Ed.
Director, Learning Communities & Akron Experience
330-972-5492 or