The University of Akron has partnered with Coursera to offer courses, specializations, and industry-recognized certificates. UA Extended Campus (UAx) provides unlimited access to the platform's offerings, equipping you with essential skills for success in the digital age. Coursera, a top-tier learning platform, offers a transformative experience that empowers your team to excel in their current roles. UAx on Coursera promotes career development and provides unrestricted platform access, fostering positive change.

Popular subjects

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Management Essentials
  • and much more!

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Benefits to Learners


Verified Certificates: get recognized, earn certificates for completed courses and become a master in your field!


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Guided Projects: quickly master skills through hands-on learning with step-by-step expert guidance.

Featured UAx on Coursera Specializations & Certificates

Data Analyst working at a computer

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

4-5 months

Complete these data analytics training courses and earn the Google data analytics certificate that qualifies you to clean, analyze and visualize digital data.

Woman working at a computer

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate

2 months, 10 hours/week

Launch your career as an AI engineer. Learn how to provide business insights from big data using machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Team of Cyber Security professionals at work

IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Certificate

4-5 months

This is the IBM cybersecurity training and cybersecurity analyst certificate that gives you the technical skills and practical application required for helping prevent cyber intrusion.

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