Corporate Services Center

The Corporate Services Center is a consortium of academic and corporate libraries centered at The University of Akron for the purposes of fostering collection strengths and library services in support of the intellectual and economic growth of the Akron area and its science and technology superiority.

The University Libraries at the University of Akron are particularly strong in the areas of polymer, rubber, and related disciplines, as well as in engineering disciplines. In fact, the collection lead among both private and public institutions in northern Ohio. The addition of the resources available through the collections of corporate libraries and donations only strengthen the claim, making the consortium and its holdings notably extensive.

Founding Members:

  • Advanced Elastomers, Inc.
  • McDermott Technology, Inc.
  • Omnova Solutions, Inc.
  • Rubber Division, American Chemical Society
  • The University of Akron

Membership Benefits:

  • Database Discounts
  • Full-Text Resources
  • Document Delivery Discounts
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Professional Personnel
  • Partial OhioLINK Privileges
  • Significant Library Collections
  • Searching Discounts
  • Training and Seminars

Membership Services:

  • Searching Expertise
  • Traditional Library Services (Acquisitions and Serials Management, Cataloging, Circulation and Interlibrary Loan, and Reference Support)
  • Use of Library Resources
  • Partial Use of OhioLINK Resources
  • License Agreements and Negotiations
  • Administrative Handling of Vendor Services
  • Marketing and Competitive Intelligence
  • Business Resources
  • Tracking Services
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities/Trainers

The University of Akron handles all administrative and legal functions as well as all processing. While negotiations are done through The University of Akron, directions and strategies come from the group.