Marilia Antúnez

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Rank: Assistant Professor of Bibliography
Title: Life & Allied Health Sciences Librarian, Fellow, Institute for Life-Span Development & Gerontology
Department: University Library Faculty
Office: ASEC 136
Phone: 330-972-6262

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Perspectives in Hiring Academic Librarians with Frequent Job Changes

Librarian candidates’ frequent job changes can affect the probability of being hired. The aim of this study is to investigate the perspectives of library administrators and other librarians who had made hiring recommendations (e.g., served in search committees)... Read more »

A comparative review of gerontological nursing citation data.

Gerontological nursing is a highly interdisciplinary specialty. English-language bibliometric research is scarce.
Objectives: Study gerontological nursing literature to identify journals useful for nurses and researchers working with older adults, help librarians assist gerontological... Read more »

Learning from degree-seeking Older Adult Students in a University Library

Read more »

SCIMago and ISI's Journal Citation Reports (JCR) role in bibliometric mapping studies

This study investigates whether SCImago and/or JCR may complement the findings of manual citation mapping studies conducted on gerontological nursing journals in 1996-98 and 2008-2010 for two journals: Geriatric Nursing and Journal of Gerontological... Read more »

Rejuvenating Aging Studies in Academic Libraries

Purpose – The aim of this paper is to identify resources essential gerontology (aging studies) resources and liaison strategies that provide guidance for academic librarians working with faculty and students in this highly interdisciplinary field.

Design/methodology/approach – A convenience sample of gerontology faculty was surveyed to identify important ... Read more »

Rediscovering Academic Libraries for Degree-Seeking Older Students

Increasingly higher numbers of older adults are returning to college campuses to earn degrees. Despite the recent economic recession and cuts to some state tuition waiver programs for older adults, many older students continue to pursue academic degrees on college campuses. Overwhelmingly, the literature that focuses on lifelong learning by older students has not incorporated degree-seeking students... Read more »

International Health Care Issues and Services Identified while Mapping the Gerontological Nursing Literature

Bibliometric analysis of cited references; analyzed keywords, subject content, and authors to discern global issues of aging and collaborations of the articles published in three leading gerontological journals from 2008-2010. Read more »

(Refereed Poster Presentation) Searching for Best Practices in Collection Management: Four Case Studies at Institutions Without a Medical School

NA Read more »

(Invited) Instructor for CE class, “NLM PubMed/MEDLINE Basics: Locating Hidden Treasures in Radiology”

Also provided research assistance to radiologists attending the 2007, 2009, and 2010 RSNA Annual Conferences in English and Spanish. Read more »

Working with a Brigada Médica: A Librarian’s Experience on a Medical Mission

For 5 days in early September 2008, I, a science and allied health librarian, joined a medical mission in the northern coastal town of Limón, in Honduras, a developing country in Central America.

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