Mike Monaco

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Rank: Assistant Professor of Bibliography
Title: Coordinator, Cataloging Services
Department: University Libraries Technical Services
Office: Bierce 261B
Phone: 330-972-2446
Email: mmonaco@uakron.edu

Areas of Responsibility: Coordinates and manages cataloging projects; coordinates and prioritizes training and professional development for cataloging; catalogs materials.


Born naked, illiterate, and unable to care for himself, Mike has largely overcome these obstacles and joined the University of Akron faculty in 2016. Before that he taught philosophy courses at Kent State University and Lakeland Community College, worked as a cataloger for John Carroll University, as a substitute librarian for Akron Public Library, and most recently as Senior Catalog Librarian for the Cleveland Public Library.


MLIS, Kent State University, 2001
MA, Philosophy, Kent State University, 1996
BA, Philosophy, University of Toledo, 1994

Published Works:

Transforming Metadata with MarcEdit

Presents several use-cases where MarcEdit is used to analyze and enhance metadata in the form of MARC bibliographic and authority records. MarcEditor, MarcMerge, and the MarcEdit tools for validating headings, adding identifier links, and exporting tab-delimited text files from MARC files are demonstrated. At the invitation of The Library Administrators Council of Northern... Read more »

Advocating for Technical Services before and during a migration

System migration is inevitable. But we don’t have to meet it with despair or resignation! Technical services can and should be involved in the process from the beginning — before the migration is even a twinkle in your administrators’ eyes. OhioLINK is currently reviewing proposals from various... Read more »

The Highest Level of All: The story of Fantasy Wargaming

By Mike Monaco; illustrated by Heather Ford. Fantasy Wargaming (FW) was published in the early days of fantasy role-playing games as an alternative to the dominant game, Dungeons & Dragons. Because the book was published by a mainstream publishing house (Patrick Stephens Ltd in the UK; Stein & Day in the USA), it had distribution through channels unavailable to... Read more »

MarcEdit for Complete Beginners

Have you been hearing about MarcEdit and wondering if it's something you should know about? This session will take you through a tour of the MarcEdit program to give you an idea of what you can do with it. This will be a basic overview for those who are not using MarcEdit, or only using it for one kind of task, and wonder if there is more they could do with it.
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Report on the OVGTSL 2021 conference: technical services today

Summary of the keynotes and breakout sessions of the 2021 conference of the Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians.
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MARCs of Quality : Understanding and Vetting Bibliographic Records

What is a MARC record, and more importantly, what is a good MARC record? Whether you’re vetting vendor-supplied records, copy cataloging, or creating original records, you will get something... Read more »

Sheltering, Surviving and Thriving in Place: A View From Technical Services

The COVID-19 pandemic was a trying time for everyone with tragic losses. 
This panel of technical services librarians will share lessons learned from working through the pandemic and discuss how their work adapted to going partly or wholly remote and providing safe and flexible access to library content and services. The panelists... Read more »

Getting the Word In: Advocating for Technical Services in a Public Service Profession

Technical Services (TS) can seem mysterious and esoteric from the outside, and this becomes a real liability when we need the outsiders to understand why our work is vital – especially in these times when funding is tighter and everything is “on the table.” In this webinar we’ll look at ways you as a TS librarian can... Read more »

The Life-Changing Magic of RegEx

A workshop on Regular Expressions for librarians.
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Cataloging and Metadata: Tools, Trends, and the Changing Role of the Librarian

Chapter of The Academic Librarian in the Digital Age: Essays on Changing Roles and Responsibilities. Edited by Thomas Diamond. McFarland, 2020
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